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476 Commonwealth Ave. Boston; (617) 247-9712

Deli Haus has been a longtime hangout for the student and artist crowds who live in Kenmore Square. It boasts a large and varied menu and is days a week. Any nerve-jangling excursion to Logan would be improved considerably by stopping in here. one of the few restaurants in Boston that stay open until 2 in the morning a good place for a bite after leaving one of the nearby clubs.

Appetizers include ethnic specialties like meat or potato knishes (three for $5.75) and homemade soups. Breakfast is not such a bargain, unless you can handle the Beat the Haus special: three eggs, five strips of bacon, German fries, and three slices of toast for $5.25. Your arteries will love you for it

There is a tremendous selection of sandwiches, both hot and cold: Basic varieties range from egg salad ($3.50) to hot corned beef or roast brisket ($4.95). Or try Romanian pastrami, or imported sardines (a full tin!). Check out the Velvet Elvis sandwich ($3.95), with grilled peanut butter and bananas on white bread, just like the King would have it. In the hot category, the barbecued beef sandwich ($5.95) is thinly sliced beef dripping with a tangy sauce on a bulkie roll, served with plenty of French fries.

Dinners have similar prices, making better deals. Marinated steak tips are served with rice pilaf, and a choice of a small salad or veggie of the day, for $6.95. Or try a char-broiled half-chicken, with cranberry sauce, salad, and fries, for $6.25. Drinks include beer and wine.

The fill-you-up approach extends to the desserts, offering an array of giant ice cream sundaes such as the Thursdae scoops of Dutch chocolate and Turkish coffee ice cream topped with coffee syrup, sliced bananas, toasted nuts, whipped cream and a cherry for $4.25. New York-style egg creams, too. Open daily.

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