We are in some Pierre at the full of the volcano South yes okay I’ve been working on my French this whole trip this is our second to last day, and I almost have it down perfect. But it’s so funny she still says merci, and this morning we woke up at 5:30 to the most beautiful sunrise we drove across the island to the Caribbean side we set sail from twazzi La Villa Toit’s ela, and we sailed up the Caribbean coast about would you say to our sail yeah yeah I was like I was like let me see we started at 8:00, and it’s 11:11 now, I’m flying jack – scared Oh what about the Dolphins Jessica there’s so many doubt I’d never seen a pod of dolphins before it always been a couple out of time. But there had to be at least 20 dolphins, and there were. So close to the boat they were playing with the bow of the boat kind of jumping up as the boat was going forward, and then we finally made it to some Pierre where the volcano is, and we pull into the port, and there’s these amazing color for buildings, and that’s where we are now we only have 45 minutes though in some pier. So we’re gonna walk around a little bit oh yeah Shion dogs ah, and Kearney Bay Caribbean song Jessica is looking for a shawl now just.


Because the Sun is so strong you have to cover up these shoulders I love the blue one what do you guys say blue or black I think it’s great I like that one this is downtown some Pierre all these old buildings well actually these have been rebuilt since the volcano erupted, and actually how looming is this, I’m going to zoom in right here if you look way off in the distance you can see the peak of the volcano which erupted in 1902 that’s just menacing right there these are some of the remains from the original town that got destroyed by the volcano in 1902 it’s just. So eerie you can see that the brick is still charred there’s the burn marks along the top a quick 30 minutes in some Pierre, and now we’re going to jump back on the catamaran, and believe might go free diving or snorkeling look at that there it is some Pierre Oh we just jumped out of the water and, I’m swimming back in and, I’m feeling all this like tingling under my arm in my legs, and my crotch that was the last one to get out, and I get back on board, and Jessica’s all itching up, and down her legs there’s little little tiny jellyfish in the water not the huge big blob ones. But just the little tiny ones we have some stings up, and down our arms. But you’re gonna have to pee on me, I’m gonna pee on you we’re just hanging out on the boat now we just had some lunch everyone else is inside, and Jess was feeling a little seasick. So she’s out here on the deck getting some fresh air I was out there swimming, and I saw that starfish I didn’t realize how deep the water was here it has to be at least 25 feet deep. Because I got to the very bottom, and I felt all the pressure in my ears in my head, and I was surprised. Because we’re right right there next to shore maybe 50 meters which is surprising I didn’t think it dropped off as fast into the to the sea volcano in the background some Pierre way way in the distance hanging out having some lunch in the French Caribbean seasick Jessica you’re trooper though it’s crazy too.

Because you would think I have anywhere to see a jellyfish you would see it here cuz the water is so clear you looked out to see your feet they’re sneaky sneaky they’re clear I was in Miami once, and I went out on the beach in the morning before I it’s go to work there’s all these little blue you know those like dishwashing detergent packets yeah detergent packets just laying around on the beach it’s like oh my gosh this beach is so dirty why are there all these detergent packs all over the beach my eye into the water like up to my knees, and I look over, and I see them floating around me booty since these are so dirty, I’m getting out of the water, I’m standing on the edge of the water there’s a ton of that Beach, and I start actually looking at them I look down, and there’s all these tentacles coming off of them and, I’m like oh god those are really like that moment of fear like that moment of panic like when I was swimming in, and then as you’re Aldean’s like oh can you get the noodle cuz it float away, I’m like uh I know there’s jellyfish here now, and I don’t want to swim anymore I don’t know if you can hear me it’s kind of windy. But we just set sail again we’re heading down south towards Fort de France, and we might stop again I think at another reef to get out, and take another swim meanwhile jessica is taking a nap in the Sun catching some rays I have never seen ocean water. So clear I mean you can see the bottom here through the camera, and look at these cliffs it just drops right down to the sea floor you I haven’t even seen the footage yet. But that water was so clear the bluest water I have ever seen.

So clear it was like. So many sea urchins I felt like I was a little mermaid with your sea urchins I touch a sea urchin by accident here, I’ll show if you can see that a touch the sea urchin. Because I was curious they’re very sharp, and very pointy. But how about all the fish as well look at the Sun like. Because shards – tonight we’re now arriving at fuzzy game that was good enough I feel a 20 there takes me like two times to say it with the throat as you say it once about the third was eel a quasi our little catamaran excursion is coming to an end also forgot to mention we’re the only two people in this boat that don’t speak fluent French get messy with you idea what bye bye that get kids back to school back on dry land in twice a day we’re going to wait in the town for a little bit before we head back to tar town just. Because the traffic, and Martinique is really really bad. Because all the roads are all curved, and all that.

So we’re gonna hang out here maybe get some food Oh Jessica trip en francais one of the things I have stuck out the most. So far on the trip is that you need to know French down in Martinique I mean you don’t have to know it. But it helps a lot if you know French, and even being down here for six days I mean we’ve been brushing up on our our fond say especially Jessica where’d she go big moment right now first bad gas, and Martinique did you get how good I ordered it oh I got it I talked about you a little bit as I do David J, and I get it dude Corsa C today, and she didn’t even laugh at you she didn’t even do anything she just she’s like oh okay a. But that quick ever liquid sighs. So baguette is tight it’s like came out of the oven hot. So, I’m gonna have my first bite of it we may not have cake by the ocean. But we have a baguette by the ocean baguette by the ocean oh yeah look at that we have baguette fromage apostle here you have to be the taste tester make it it wait wait before you read it last time we had this was in Paris together I’ve had it since Paris are you you cheated on me with the beggar, and the cheese it was a really good day really good yeah we did a lot today this is a moment right now it almost seems fake like look at the clouds over there the puffy clouds second to last night in Martinique today was amazing I know it’s time to go back to the I almost said apartment house a house in French ah I forgot Navi shed its Chazz CH easy, I’m pretty sure comment down below if you know what it is sunburn today yeah got sunburn on the shoulders the lower back, and the butt crack, and Jessica got burnt on the cheeks the shoulders, and the cheeks these cheeks not those cheeks tomorrow’s our last day Martinique our last full day Martinique, and we saved the best for last tomorrow should or could be the best day here if you guys liked today’s post give it a thumbs up today was one of the best days we’ve had in a long time in that water that water was so blue like Jessica’s eyes.

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