Freedman Jewelers US Map & Phone & Address

Freedman Jewelers US Map & Phone & Address

• 333 Washington Sl, Suite 408,Boston; (617) 227-4294

Currently celebrating its 50th anniversary, Freedman’s is part of the Jewelers Exchange building in Downtown Crossing. And what better place to get a gold band? Eight floors of jewelers are packed into this single address. Few of them sell to the public; but if you’re hunting down a bargain, Freedman’s is like finding buried treasure.

They specialize in diamonds, offering highly personalized service. They import their own stones, each one with its own documentation of size and color rating. These are unmounted, allowing you to pick exactly the right one in just about any price range, and put it on your choice of setting. There is also an extensive collection of engagement and wedding bands already made up, along with other kinds of jewelry and watches.

By manufacturing many pieces themselves, Freedman’s can price its jewelry well below other stores some prices are as much as 50% lower and better! This is the kind of place whose regular customers go to the fancy boutiques firsL find something they like, then come here to get the same thing for much less. It’s a good idea to call ahead and make an appointment, since the folks at Freedman’s will sit with you and bring out

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Freedman Jewelers For that special ring (and other fancy baubles), this shop imports its own diamonds and eliminates the middleman. Highly-attentive, personal service for over fifty years as many choices as you want to see. There is virtually no sales pressure, though, as these salespeople know they’ve got a good thing going.

Hours are 9 a.m. to 5 P.M. on weekdays, Thursdays until 7; also Saturdays from 9-4, except in summer.

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