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Governor Carteret of East Jersey fights a series of legal battles Harare Map with Sir Edmund Andros, the governor of New York, over customs collection on ships entering the Harare Map Delaware River. At one point, Carteret is arrested, tried in New York and instructed not to assume the powers of government. Andros’s takeover will end in 1680, and Governor Carteret will return to power until his death in 1682. 1682 Hoping the proprietorship’s sale will increase the Carteret family’s shrinking fortune, East Jersey goes up on the auction block.

William Penn and a group of eleven associates purchase the colony, and, combined with the Lower Counties (Delaware), most of the land between Maryland and New York is administered by Quakers. Robert Barclay, a brilliant Scottish Quaker, becomes governor, but he never sets foot in East Jersey. His appointment leads to increased immigration, not only among Scottish Quakers, but the more numerous Presbyterians and Dissenters as well. The early 1680s also witnesses dramatic change in the New Jersey proprietorships. William Penn’s group, now expanded to twenty-four proprietors, controls East Jersey, while all of West Jersey comes under the control of Daniel Coxe, a Cambridge-trained royal physician, who has acquired more than 1 million acres of land in Country.

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