Harlem Wednesday Morning Gospel Tour

This day we’re doing a Harlem Gospel Tour here in New York City. Let’s go. Harlem is a wonderful place that’s in the process of a fantastic rebirth right now. I never would have guessed there’d be a street like this in Harlem. So charming. I want to move in. I’m really loving the pace of this tour, because you drive around a few stops, get out, and then you walk through parts of Harlem, take things in, and walk to the next place. That’s what I like.

Harlem Sunday Morning Gospel Tour

All right, we’re heading into the church. Time to enjoy some gospel. We celebrate our independence today. Jesus still takes care of me Jesus still takes care of me Jesus still takes care of me I like gospel singing because it’s really cool and I’ve never heard something beautifuller than that. Oh! Oh happy day Oh happy day Oh happy day That was incredible! I loved it. And then our day was topped off with a gorgeous soul meal at Sylvia’s, and I enjoyed trying all those different foods.

Harlem Sunday Morning Gospel Service

Fried chicken. Such a fantastic day here in Harlem. We saw some beautiful sites. The music at the church Oh! Gospel. it was so much fun. And now we have some delicious soul food to chow down on. I love it.

Harlem Sunday Morning

Harlem Wednesday Morning Gospel Tour Photo Gallery

Empire State Building Tickets Observatory and Optional Skip the Line Tickets

This post I’m visiting the Empire State Building here in New York City, and fortunately, I have a skip the line pass, so I don’t have to wait. Good day, right this way to go out. I’m in my own line, it’s like an express path. Now you could take the 1,576 stairs to the top, but I’m going to take the express elevator. Here we go. All right, we’ve made it to the observation deck.

Harlem Globetrotters Saturday Morning Cartoon

Let’s check out the view of New York City. Oh my goodness! New York City’s massive. I can see the Chrysler building, I think that’s Times Square. Yes, there are a lot of lights, that is definitely Times Square. It’s really neat because actually you can see Central Park in amongst all the buildings and just all of a sudden this flat green space. It’s cool. The Empire State Building truly gives you the best view of New York City.

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