Homeless in Venice Beach

Don’t get lost in the big city life just enjoy the little things like going to the beach seeing the sunset. Because it’s just like being in paradise right here it’s a different world just gonna take the 4 or 5 around I hate goodbyes goodbyes are the worst especially if you go someplace, and you have such a good time sadly this is my last hour in Laguna, I’m about to head to LA another early morning I didn’t block though we were up at 5:00 in the office by 6:00, and you know what it’s made me realize that going to a physical office makes you so much more productive than working out of your house you know if you have a space like this to just come, and work, and even chill if you want there’s a guitar right there makes a huge difference not to pack up my stuff Jeff’s waiting in the car, and we’re going to Los Angeles cruising down the freeway no traffic straight shot to LA beautiful day beautiful man beautiful shotgun look at that that’s how you know you’ve arrived in Los Angeles you see that kind of lying right here where you have beautiful blue skies here freeway, and then right here there’s that strip of just what would you call that smog just try off le traffic, and smaller cuz I miss you you broke my heart I haven’t spent much time in Los Angeles out here for a day then I won’t tell. So, I’ll be here for the week I have some meetings actually have a big meeting today that’s why, I’m heading down, and then I have to meet up later today, and apparently the cafe that I planned on having the me tab at is closed.

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So will probably my gray somewhere else for them, I’m pumped to just see Los Angeles to finally see it they had taken to the beach maybe yeah for the sunset yeah sunset in the meet up give max dance it’s a little update I just have my meeting it went really well some coffee, and ice burger, and now, I’m in the beautiful Venice Beach hanging with a few close friends. So we’re gonna do this we’re gonna pass around the camera, and everyone’s gonna say what do you think the your favorite thing about LA you’re just something about LA you want to go first or last you go first I think one cool thing about LA is that you can kind of make it whatever you want if you want to be a vegan, and live a vegan lifestyle you can do that if you want to be in Hollywood you can do that it’s whatever you make it, and the weather there’s always something to do here whether it’s movie shows friends something’s always going on no matter what um can I say in espanol 3 at hola hispanos Sabina Los Angeles tienen que trae una camara por que siempre lugar Apsaras para tomar fotos yo Sol mente como si las Plagas econ mtar nose cone mask anything I like Starbucks don’t get lost in the big city life just enjoy the little things like going to the beach seeing the sunset. Because it’s just like being in paradise right here it’s a different world yo, I’m justice the best thing about hands down at the coffee there’s coffee everywhere you know the best coffee in the world you can walk the same street that you know Marilyn Monroe walked on, and it’s something about it’s so magical, and food being my favorite part of LA.

But I also really love the people, and that there’s always something to do just don’t take the 4 or 5 around yo hey what’s good guys just a three-post school LMU students here you know Cassius Pettit justice ramming what Haden of the blahs applying the drug. So he told us no big they’re worth waiting for the lifeguards to come arrest us right now all right. So, I’m supposed to like you know hit a backflip off this, I’m not Eric. But we’re you know doing some cool things Wow you know I didn’t grow up reading I still was reading television, and then when I started reading , and it found Eric’s blog I realized oh there’s just a world, and community, and I really wanted to be a part of it. So it sort of inspired me to start creating my own post the biggest compliment I think or like the coolest thing is when you meet people who watch your posts, and like oh I started a blog. Because I found your posts I know that in some of your posts you said that you’re like trying to be vegan or interested in maybe trying to go vegan. So if you ever need help with that, I’m your girl Taryn is a hustler.

So she has her own business, and she’s been I check out my blog oh here’s my Instagram follow me on Instagram no I mean you know Gary okay yeah I mean gary vaynerchuk’s one of the reasons why I started yeah I got crushes yeah de GE ta ry n thank you. So cool name – thank you I appreciate that guys came out yeah, I’m really, I’m glad to about you they drove from Palm Springs ditch school to come to this meet up in the future if there’s a meet-up where you’re gonna meet a r or anyone don’t miss class go to class it’s kind of cool though being here. Because I used to be a lifeguard back in New Jersey, and it’s a picnic lifeguarding in California you couldn’t compare. Because we didn’t have shacks like this we have little kind of towers, and this is an actual legit lifeguard Shack well that’s the coolest thing about I feel like , and all that is like you you watch these people, and you do you feel like you know them you feel like you you know their lives, and you’ve met them before it’s like when you meet someone from you’re already friends whole time here I am carrying my suitcase. So like walking got to the beach with the suitcase, and the bag that’s the world oh man oh man it really is I don’t know how long I can sustain it okay now it’s kind of good. So check this out we’ve left the beach, and we’re over way way zoomed in zoom out zoom out zoom out we left the beach, and we’re chilling on the street corner just you know I think the meetup has continued, and we’re just migrating it. But look at the sky I am in love with California I never want to leave the best gift from the Meetup these are drunken dummies yeah are they gonna get you pretty oh my gosh 20 pieces should we eat this all right now for everyone who counts the meat up thank you I love meetups meet up – the coolest thing.

Because you can just meet in person, and it’s really intimate, and to have a conversation with the people who watch your posts is the coolest in the world. So jump cut it’s like 1 o’clock in the morning, I’m in Hollywood my first time in Hollywood I walk down the with the Walk of Fame is it yeah with the stars, and I saw hi wood, and all the tours, and the attractions we go to this bar you walk in through a refrigerator door into this bar, and you step back in time to the 1970s like this is the entrance right here with this cool lights, and all the pretty flowers above it, and they have live music, and there’s like couches or for the next like four days I have meetings I have some collabs lined up, I’m actually gonna get in uber with what’s going on in here what what is going on in this Bob Marley kind of there’s someone in there right now kind of getting something on, I’m not gonna post that ubers here I will see if run tomorrow from Los Angeles and. So until tomorrow everyone smile more or less living passion.

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