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Hey guys this post today is gonna be about me going back to China where before I was in Egypt I lived there for six months as I’ve said in other posts Egypt was a place that really felt like home for me, and it was difficult to leave. But at the same time I did know that I wanted to go back. So I went back to China just in time to spend holidays there one of the first things that I did when I got back to China was meet up with my good friend poppy from where’s poppy that you guys all probably know already with me is poppy where’s poppy she’s here we actually went, and posted this crazy Christmas post together I was drinks are not allowed to take the camera at one point we were even crazily running just sprinting across this mall to get some of the shop that she wanted for her post this is so much fun of coming together again yeah this is really cool.

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So glad to be back way to be here for Christmas yeah timing I found myself telling some people that I had gone back home to China. But that kind of got me thinking I don’t necessarily feel like China feels like home. But at the same time it’s kind of the closest thing to a home that I have right now or is it we are walking around bison show tonight which is kind of funny. Because it’s one of the first places that we explored in China ever when we first got here hey circle of life name now I kind of revisiting some old spots that we used to go a lot when we first moved here now we’re used to the crowd remember how crazy it was we first got here we do we’ve abandoned our plan to go to the other bar apparently, and Livio suddenly knows another while that we should go to instead more elegant just randomly went, and got a snack, and it is yes you always do that live you how are you live I am inspired by the city lights Livio just got the coolest shot of me if john lives yeah it was quite amazing wasn’t it my gosh you cannot do a British driver says he likes to bring felicity it sounds funny. Because Lydia lives in London, and yet he cannot do a British accent oh my goo bar but. So in order to get to the whiskey bar we need to sneak into a building that we don’t live in, and then sneak up on the intonation look at this. So epic Wow the doors open we don’t quite think this way my lady don’t never ever find the right words there’s no way this is real life there’s no telling you’re the right girl.

So I can only say that it feels right when I was growing up my family moved around a lot literally dozens of times, and I can’t really think of anywhere that I lived as a kid that I would really feel like he’s home, and now that I’ve been traveling for over two years that sense of the word home, and what it means to me have gotten even more complicated when I first started traveling I was traveling super fast new country a new continent a new city every few days I wanted to see everything. But gradually as I traveled I did start traveling slower, and slower, and I would like to spend at least a month in most of the places that I say I think that I was searching for the meaning of that word for me oh I thought a lot about it, and I think that for me the meaning of the word home doesn’t necessarily have to be this tangible place the people in my life make up so much of the word home to me that I think I would classify home as more related to people, and friendships than I would to actionable places for now I think that home is being with the people that I love somebody’s going by on the street I don’t know what they’re doing sorry I don’t know what they’re talking about out there. But it’s so loud hurry now another thing that’s kind of a bit more trivial. But I feel like still does have a part to play in this topic is that when you don’t have any set home you cannot buy things, and I am NOT a materialistic person I don’t really care about stuff so much I believe in collecting experiences over things for sure. But at the same time even I still do sometimes want to be able to have more than just a few outfits to choose from if you know what I mean I travel extremely light that it that’s my name um. So I only travel out of a 30 liter backpack that is it having a bit of a base in China having an apartment there has kind of changed the way that I look at travel. Because it is nice to have a place to go back to, and just familiar things that you like that you’ve picked out, I’m here with my friend Cassie hi you’re actually one of the first people that I’ve met in Jen jet did not know that how long have you lived in Jinja who today is actually my third anniversary of moving the ship in three years actually whoa.

So since Cassie is almost a local in Jen Jen I asked her where I should go to post, and she said dear world right now where’s allo who summer shil City just come inside the shopping area it’s pretty cool in here they still have all these Christmas decorations think about it’s not Christmas anymore apparently they sell a lot of fake stuff here you can water Prosser cheap asuka yeah cuz this is silk yeah 100 should very beautiful yes definitely he likes it oh wow should I not react so much I love when it’s faded like that I probably shouldn’t show my reaction that I love it so much. But it’s really beautiful now he’s got us he’s bringing up a big gun they’re so pretty, and you got one yeah yeah as soon as he brought out those faded scarves both of us were just like oh yeah, and then he wouldn’t do any bargain with me. But it’s already quite cheap how much ninety zero okay, I’ll do ninety thank you bye yes okay hello is that um yeah yeah what about oh yeah no no okay love love love love love love Jigga okay yes okay like la la la baby sha allah oh yeah oh yeah yeah okay mommy just bought some for perfectly yes you did a good job for Ganesha, I’m proud of you ten US dollars no English. But you were just talking to me in English I you’re selling magic penny for 30 I will go to you when I need yeah yeah down there okay later not today good price if they have anything dragon. So many. So many high caliber I like dragon yeah no too big of a dragon the smaller dragon huh no no no more you said you had. So many let’s get one that’s a new one.

But these are silver. So more expensive yeah they’re super cute yeah I would just never wear them I don’t think about him back Michael cause well beautiful yes if the clot is very nice I have different color, I’ll show you you make a picture yeah oh yeah are you oh good you’re the model oh it’s good enough for the iPad. So many things yeah I was kind of thinking that one too it’s like the best one looks good yeah that will match a lot it matches you perfectly thank you I give you least. Because my smartest you see my light I see supplies. But I know I give you nice will you good pass for you. Because nice my father busyness, and your speed I just got you this prize hmm. So what discount you can make it at least this class for you really big is 350 yes.

Because 9 my possibilities can you do 300 yeah don’t care little money. Because my possibilities I just pop you little money okay. So us to do hundred thirty-four you three hundred thirty three thirty yes okay no money yeah okay, I’ll do three thirty what is your name Tung Chung okay bye I went into this shop honestly. Because the girl was just. So nice, and I was like I am not buying anything for sure. But she was a pretty good salesperson, and I actually ended up buying a purse. Because I really needed it back anyway not normally about like having brands with Michael Kors I don’t care I just honestly thought the bag is really nice yeah, and they weren’t hustling there’s a lot of people she was surprised chance people were not aggressive all the bags for me she was so cute not gonna own it though beautiful. But I don’t want to own them yeah a lot of that here this is the cutest thing is this one real fur. Because I don’t I don’t like real fur is it like an animal fur real this view up can I see oh it is real fur it’s so cute. But I just don’t want real fur bye no I feel bad for the beaver I think I feel bad okay thank you bye family. So if Chinese now what universe universe universe is there big huge that’s what your name means yes he’s telling me some places to go in to judge which is great. Because I just got back from Egypt, and I need to find some new places to go I guess, and you don’t papi – yeah say hi to papi hi papi watch her post never died every day yes every night Wow we can well good to meet you life hack for cold weather days heat your scarves before you go out. So warm.

So cozy it is a cold windy, and rainy warning inch engine, and it’s actually I think the fifth day like this in a row. So yeah not very nice weather for welcome back I guess, I’m just scarf that I got at that market which was pretty cool I just have to say that I kind of shamelessly stole that idea to post that from my friend Colin with his blog called a broadcast he has all types of posts like that like where he goes into these markets, and bargains for cool stuff, and yeah I just completely got the idea from him. So I wanted to just give him a little shout-out for that I would have done it anyway I just wouldn’t necessarily have posted it. So Thank You Colin for the idea hope you guys enjoyed the post today, and comment below where you live or what your son’s at home is, and I would love to see your thoughts in the comments thank you so much for reading, and see you next time in Taiwan bye good night.

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