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India is a feast for the senses a subcontinent with several hundred languages, and the birthplace of four major world religions where can this country’s heart beat the most intensely felt dramatic colourful until you come, and experience you have no idea what India’s really like the sacred Ganges River here is the center of religious life a variety of ritual sites called Goths can be best seen, and felt from a boat coming to Varanasi. Because this was the high point for me of the trip the Ganges River is thought to carry each prayer or wish hundreds of miles from here to the ocean, and then on to the far corners of the world Hindus believe souls are released when cremated at the Harish Chandra ghat at the instant the skull palms or or laughs some people just laugh, it’s manifestly an exploration of a history, and culture as rich as India’s will change all visit.

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I take pictures, and the Taj is that picture that. I’ve always wanted to take very nasi. I think you really understand India won this very nice here in the world’s largest democracy each discovery yields a new flavor do other young technology most originating thousands of years ago you.

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India is a feast for the senseless oh they go again from hot off right, and it is home to hundreds of languages, and the birthplace of several global religious traditions within this vastness where will you go what will you experience in a quest for the heartbeat of India constructed between, and of red sandstone, and marble the amber fort served as the residence of the Rajput Maharaja’s, and their families where’s the dark outside a temple that’s the most finest deep to do value is a good karma she’s learning brownies you see her not legal like many this woman was tattooed as a child with her name this former common practice kept children from getting lost in the crowds of early Bollywood these walls up here is marble but no, it’s aged limestone that gives the shine to it, and they say in today’s puberty after years after years the walls attained puberty.

I’m bunkered ungood yeah. I’m stairs learning the secrets of making the traditional bread chapati or flattened round is a great way to gain insight into a daily activity of local families placing the flattened dough directly on a high flame inflates the chapati steam baking it from the inside out that’s wrong do you expect the Churchill. I don’t think.

So. Because now everybody all our love be home we are a community cops. So when they come here they have no skill set, and at that time if we get a trainer who is from Bombay or Delhi hand block printing involves tedious work but the results can be astounding a creation of vibrant, and elaborate patterns she’s making these beaded mullahs or necklaces this we wanted to experiment with printed cotton ranthambore national park is at the outskirts of savai madhavrao the state of Rajasthan a small town by Indian standards.

This is home for, people for many here the day begins with freshly brewed masala chai tea. This is a spiced tea made with a mix of ginger root herbs milk, and sugar what’s the word for Cheers what appears, it’s English Cheers after the morning chores some villagers make their way to Dee honk a cooperative that trains, and employs unskilled, and underutilized members of the community she’s making these beaded mullahs or necklaces gorgeous the men, and women here are taught cloth based crafts using a variety of techniques like hand block printing embroidery, and machine stitching the output is intricate, and vibrant. This is a traditional homemade food we take turns to cook.

So there’s no one Coco’s making it. So, it’s all what we cook at home curry is accompanied with rice, and flatbread called roti, and is served with green chilli pickle red chilli pickle, and roasted green chilli dishes in sub. I motto for like many communities across India are determined by religion, and caste throughout India only half of the nation’s children attend school all public schools are free.

So the barrier is not lack of funds it is fear of social change many parents are afraid that if their children receive an education they will leave home in search of a better life unlike public schools where English is taught as a foreign language this private school teaches math science, and geography in English broadening their students capacities for interacting with more people near, and far as the Sun sets the people of Sevilla not a poor make their way home they give an evening prayer thanking their deities for the day past, and seeking blessings for the day yet to come ranthambore national park was once a hunting reserve now it is a sanctuary that stretches over square miles the presence of the Bengal tiger in any given location is announced by its potential prey through a series of alarm calls that alert others to the tiger want to hear the alarm call. I’ve got my good ear listening. I heard one in two alarm, and then, it’s quite again it means something is there in this side but sitting somewhere buzz buzz buzz buzz wow, it’s a female tiger but the size of the body, and a face no two tigers are alike face markings, and stripes allow identification of commonly seen individuals this one is named soon during the new queen of ranthambore.

This is one eat he say to the Indian why not she’s. So much just like in and I’m gonna have a hard time going to a suit now that. I’ve seen like join in the wild the rest of the truth is icing on the killer this shop.

You’ll see which is like a local -eleven the local ledger records microcredit in the rural communities common trust with common stakes in the relationships noted in this book reflect. How the economic system here is sustained half the kids of the country do not go to schools lack of infrastructure lack of will at times parents don’t want the kids to go to school. Because then they will get educated, and leave the farmland, and go to the big city, and work in the countryside the majority of teachers are men closer to, and within the cities the majority of educators are women devoting one’s life to teaching is a highly respected, and appreciated pursuit in India the major differences in the government school the subjects are taught in Hindi or the regional language in a private school all the subjects are done in English, and Hindi or the recent language is the second language here in the world’s largest democracy each discovery yields a new flavor most originated thousands of years ago an exploration of a history, and culture as rich as India’s will change all this my mom was a housewife, and my dad worked for a single company there. I grew up in a small town we had great time playing cricket, it’s not just a mere game in my country, it’s a religion.

So we never had a problem of forming a cricket team. Because between the cousins we always have good numbers for play cricket. So so we have the real fond memories of my childhood.

I had no clue then that. I will be a love-in coming to tourism industry but. I always loved traveling, and traveling to him Alan.

I did a lot of Tracking’s mountain activities during my college days once. I saw Himalayas hoped. I have to go back over in a game there are many indigenous tribes we have especially in the central part of India we have me not very unique they’re very strict vegetarian they do not take even egg.

Because they take egg is a form of a life the holy happy Earth is holy there’s a festival of colours, and that day. I won’t be able to recognize it with my son. Because we through color each other at all possible colors, and with all possible part of the body you know, and then yes it comes with two big drumming, and dancing on the street, it’s like big carnival yeah, it’s called Holi Holi festivities.

I look forward to see you in India namaste.

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