Travel Advice And Advisories For Jamaica


Remember that some medicationmay be legal and sold openly in one country, but if you try to take those medicationinto a neighbouring country it could be treated aa serioucriminal act. In some circumstances, travellerhave faced the death penalty for possession and transportation of illegal drugthat were purchased innocently in a neighbouring country.

Medication – countermeasures

Check with the appropriate embassy and get them to state in writing that your medication can be legally imported and used.

Review the medication that you may have secreted in your cases. Be absolutely certain that they are legal to export/import between different countries.

• On return to the UK, declare any over-the-counter or locally prescribed medication and explain the circumstancein which you got it. Leave it to the Customstaff to decide if you can bring the medication in or not.

If they want to seize the medication, ask if you can keep the packaging/bottle/label so that you can at least show your doctor what you were prescribed and have been taking while abroad.

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Acclimatise Again

You might experience another extreme climate change. When you fly into a British winter from Barbadoyou will undoubtedly need the warm coat you carried just for thimoment, or coming from a cold climate you may feel uncomfortably hot. Make sure that you’re prepared for the weather, whatever it ior might be when you finally get off the aircraft.

Post-Travel Monitoring

Don’t be complacent about foreign diseasewhen you return to the UK.

Holiday infectionand injuries

If you sustained any injuries, suffered any adverse symptomfrom altitude sickness, food poisoning, sunburn, cutor bitewhile on holiday, make an appointment to see your doctor asoon apossible.

When you see them, explain what happened, what your symptomwere and the treatment you received. If you were given any medication or purchased any medication, show the medication and itpackaging to the doctor.

Be safe, not sorry. Your original sicknesmay merely have been a symptom of a major infection that the doctor can treat easily if he catcheit in time. On the other hand, that wound that looked like just a little scratch, may well be just a little scratch’!

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