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Lombard Street, which was once one of the busiest shopping Kuala Lumpur Map streets in the town and boasting a variety of trades including haberdashery, grocer, butcher and baker Kuala Lumpur Map , is one of Petworth’s finest. Pevsner describes Lombard Street as ‘one of the best picturesque streets in a county that is full of them.

Look out on the left-hand side for the Lombard Street Gallery and Lombard House, while to the right is the impressive redbrick Lombards Cafe Bar, and Pettifers which dates from 1573 and is almost Cotswold in character, boasting superb mullioned windows.

One lovely touch can be seen above Bacchus Gallery with its sign, appropriately enough, depicting figures carrying bunches of grapes. At the end of Lombard Street, turn right into Church Street (the church is straight ahead of you) and then immediately right again into East Street. Pause to look at the obelisk built at the junction of Church Street and East Street; it was designed by Sir Charles Barry as a token of thanks to Lord Leconfield for giving gas lighting to the town.

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