Lunch in Ireland Trip

There is no better way of getting to know one another then through the breaking of bread through a holistic visit a home-cooked meal quickly fosters friendship, and understanding among the people of different cultures we were having a wonderful salad that came from her garden, and we had shepherd’s pie which was homemade, and wonderful you see inside one of the holes that we’re driving by all the time was a very special treat the host it was great, and she was delightful. This is called a her teeth not a patent or a bath some rest.

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I heard it but you told off, and you just even imagine baseball stuff hurling is believed to be the world’s oldest field game the Hurley stick is used to hit a small ball between opponents goal posts the game of hurling would you think you’ve prepared yourself in many parts of Ireland the game is a fixture of life people are. So friendly, and they just love showing us what they do versus what happens in the United States the hospitality was great, and we’re almost Irish now laughing, and chatting. So much we didn’t even realize our ride was there to take us away hated to leave certainly the whole host of lunch, and Cove is a very special experience to.

This is a home to see the inside of an Irish home, and to be able to converse, and your own native language which a native of Ireland, and to hear about modern contemporary land that is without a doubt special.

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