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A long plank with one edge thicker than the other, Malawi Metro Map used as siding for buildings by overlapping one board over the board below it. 2 The act Malawi Metro Map of siding a building using clapboards. Coin clipping. A crime involving slicing off slivers of silver or gold from the edges of coins and then melting those slivers down into bullion. Since the value of the coin was equal to the value of the metal, a clipped coin would be of lesser value than an unclipped coin. If the clipping was done discreetly, however, the debased coin could be spent as a whole coin, while the criminal could profit by selling the metal shaving.


1 Designed by Teun Koolhaas Associates, the unsold house was offered by de Alliante Housing Corporation to be used for cultural activities for five years in exchange for the mortgage payments.

2 The 51 members included 22 artists or art collectives (O’Neill and Doherty 2011: 10).

3 Funds and in-kind support were sourced from the European Council Foundation (ECF), Amsterdam Funds for the Arts (AFK), de Alliante (Private Housing Corporation), the Mondriaan Foundation, the Prince Bernhard Culture Fund, Stitchting DOEN and VSB Fonds (O’Neill and Doherty 2011: 30).

4 Research from The Blue House was presented at the conclusion of the project at a public two-day seminar in IJburg, in a website, lectures and publications (O’Neill and Doherty 2011) including a forthcoming blog. The connections between social art practice and anthropological methodology will be discussed in more length in my forthcoming Ph.D. dissertation at the Australian National University, Canberra.

5 Nicoline Koek’s flower shop bloem & zee’ and the children’s library remain in existence.

6 Holland’s colonies included the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia), and the territories of Suriname, Antilles and Aruba in the Caribbean. The latter two remain part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Turkish and Moroccan immigrants were recruited to work in the country from the mid-1970s, and a large number of Dutch national Surinamese immigrated after Suriname gained independence in 1975. In 2006 the foreign population’ comprised 19 per cent of the total Netherlands population (16.3 million), with just more than half of those having non-western backgrounds (Ministry of Education, Culture and Science 2006: 21).

7 The Dutch word allochtoon (meaning originating from another country’) reflects an official discrimination between ethnic Dutch (autochtoon) and the allochtoon or first and second generation immigrants.

8 Working from The Blue House, Sakho and van der Speck continued to advocate for the rights of the victims of the fire, predominantly detainee Achmed Al-Jeballi who was accused of arson.

9 The Frida project’ highlighted the duplicity of the guest/ host relationship and the distinction between and ethical and political hospitality addressed by Jacques Derrida in Adieu to Emmanuel Levinas (1999).

10 There were diverse attitudes as to what The Blue House had achieved. Many residents preferred the house to operate as a social space rather than what some perceived to be the increasingly-exclusive use of the members. Some members were disappointed at the difficulty of generating local dialogue and participation, and others at the incapacity of residents to sustain projects they had jointly initiated.

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