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1753 The French build forts in western Pennsylvania, claiming the Malaysia Metro Map region. George Washington orders the French to move out of northwestern Pennsylvania. 1754 Washington loses a Malaysia Metro Map battle against the French at Fort Duquesne (present-day Pittsburgh). Franklin’s Plan of the Union is adopted by English colonies. The Pennsylvania Gazette contains the first recorded Country political cartoon.

Created by Benjamin Franklin, the cartoon attacks the fragmentation of the colonists concerning frontier defense. 1755 The British, in cooperation with Virginia militiamen, try to take Fort Duquesne, but are massacred in an ambush. Settlers in the Lehigh River Valley of northeastern Pennsylvania are attacked by Native Countrys. As a result, they move to the more settled southeast for safety. The College of Philadelphia, which later merges with the Philadelphia Academy to form the University of Pennsylvania, is founded. 1756 Declaring war on the Shawnee and Delaware, Pennsylvania begins to build forts along the frontier and fills them with men and supplies. 1757 Francis Hopkinson produces Alfred, a masque by Thomas Arne, at the College of Philadelphia.

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