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Well I why hello everyone we hope this is a good time for you. Because we’re currently not in Perth anymore we are in Greece, and we had no clue what time to do this live stream. So we’re not too sure if this is a good time or not yes cleo is here hello my sessions guest my sister has joined us all the way from Australia.

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So it’s been like a week a I just wanted to apologize hey Nikki I’ve gotten a cold. So if, I’m gonna be coughing it’s stifling I know how annoying it is. But I am so sorry I really am sorry hi everyone hi yes yes it was comments, and everything – actually this is so cool. Because every time we livestream huge applies every time we live stream we are like it’s not a good time for Europe yeah we’re in Europe. So we’re in Europe.

So everyone probably today is going to be from Europe. So, I’m really sorry for from Canada or the US. Because I have a feeling it might be a little bit early for you guys, I’ll decide from Texas what is the time we are in this since at the moment hello from Durban I suppose it’s a good time for salary guff yeah hey give me that one. So this is where we are at the moment guys look at that hi from Sydney Rebecca thank you for joining us hi Charlie from Perth it is 7:00 a.m. and I do apologize we are on our hotel Wi-Fi I was telling me it’s very bad connections. So how did yeah hey James nice to see you on the live streams hey from Malaysia hi you see oh we don’t really have any plans for this livestream.

Because we’ve done all the fun wedding stuff you guys know where the location is I guess I was the first thing I was gonna ask those did we um before you let it be surprised great think we could job yes yes hiding your wedding. So we married yes we’re still uh just girlfriend appointment a yes yes sorry that’s not far a little bit of a while yeah. But Clea has joined us um a comment really flew in this morning. So she’s probably jet-lagged just came in from Perth like 11-hour flight plus a five-hour flight. So she’s been traveling for like 20 hours which is crazy I know people think it’s really lagging oh, I’m so sorry that is lagging. So bad guys we literally don’t have a SIM card hopefully we can still chat to you, and then if we come to your comments a little bit later I do apologize it has really that behind it can be a test run. Because we are going to be every time every Sunday we’re probably going to be at a new hotels whenever sure the Wi-Fi is going to be like.

But we don’t want to stop the live streams now that we’re traveling yes you really really enjoy doing them yeah um be here if you guys have any questions about what’s been going on um just let us know like is good now yes it keeps coming in, and out, and must be based on like the people do we like lag there’s delay in getting to you go yeah, I’m feeling it, I’m on it might be lagging for some people not for others um due to grab these little treats oh yeah. So um. So we just checked into our hotel, and we’re coming up with this lady we’re on the sixth floor where this lady ran up to us as like I saw you came into the hotel. But we went to get coffee first for the live stream, and she ran up all the stairs to the sixth floor saying I have a little gift from the hotel from you, and I felt. So bad. Because I don’t know why she didn’t use the elevator. But she’s given us a gift, and we thought it would be fun she’s giving us a whole tray.

But, I’m just going to take some songs gonna bring all tray. So here it is on a second yeah oh yeah I forgot about that yes get to that alright. So what she did was she delivered off some big sweet um. So so Shannon she didn’t speak much English, I’m just gonna read this. So we have no idea what they called Gaddafi today yes straining frittatas Greek traditional Greek sweet yeah hey Oh sleepy post we found Robin Willington in Hollywood yes that was ages ago yes it’s James what is Greek food like well we’ve been eating a lot of like gyros feta olives Suzuki Hormuz peterborough agree salad in Greece yeah that was pretty cool you guys recommend anything we should try let us know. Because we don’t a hundred seven I want to try yeah do you want to try one yeah sure. So this is I think da feasel Vinci all the ones I think baklava or something yeah I did get it out of her that there’s no animal.

So it’s like vegetarian she’s like what’s dessert why would I open this one looks like nest is YUM mmm it looks. So sweet extremely sweet are you gonna try some better the Therese wait until you answer it is SuperDuper sweet you just took the whole thing you smashed it down did you enjoy it tastes like it’s covered in like really really sweet maple syrup mmm God you want to try the next I can the nest mm-hmm he looks like. So Pilate yeah goofy noises I don’t if that’s popular Gaddafi is the best. So sweet yeah I think that’s what we’re trying right now Qaddafi I don’t know if it was called Gaddafi. Because isn’t that a person is it really sweet lovely sweets yeah oh yeah, I’m sorry guys, I’m sorry I think, I’m done now. But hearing you guys eat sorry that was sweeping um. But really sweet I can how you doing also the nest the qaddafi oh okay the nesters could have yeah awesome yes.

So the last plug that came up was us revealing it, and flying to athlete yeah. But I want to tell them what’s happened since then oh okay tomorrow, I’ll do more posts that we posted black before today. But they haven’t seen it yet. Because in the next post you’re going to find out what island we’re getting married on we haven’t told you what Island yet, and yeah you’ll find that in tomorrow’s post. So stay tuned for that. Because I know a lot of people have been asking on the side which which Island were going to get married on. So you have to find out in tomorrow’s post interesting Chris is going on in North Korea tour Chris you travel the world so much honestly you send me all your updates very jealous I don’t know we’re the only North Korean tour we’ve seen was what Louie went on.

But let us know how visiting North Korea’s, and and all that. Because that’s that’s a very interesting country to go, and visit James is guessing Santorini yeah yeah find out. But um. So we’ve gone to the island we spent a week there, and we did some planning we actually went. So I didn’t venue for the first time I went, and visited our florist, and our cake maker was it got a baker, and yeah went to the venue where we’re getting married, and having the reception or had a little look, and made sure it was like what we wanted. Because we had done everything on emails we hadn’t seen in real life we just seemed like the odd picture yeah. So that’s why we visited the island that you’ll find out tomorrow a couple of days ago we checked it all out, and we flown back to Athens to meet Cleo.

So that’s why we are now back in Athens for the next few days, and you would have seen like we visited Athens, and that was us after what Cleo just did like the 20 hours worth of traveling. So we kind of crashed a little bit, and posted a bit. Because we weren’t there for a day, and we knew we’re coming back to Athens. So that’s why we didn’t go, and see the Acropolis or olimpio anything like that. So we’re going to spend the next few days actually exploring Athens, and actually seeing it. Because last time or we got to see was like a tiny tiny bit. Because we didn’t want to go see it yeah we’re waiting for Cleo yeah um Zara’s have you guys ever done a meet-and-greet we’ve done fun we didn’t want in Melbourne actually worked out really well.

So here we would passion to another one we just have to like plan one in some place that we go to would like you to want to Malaysia. Because we do have a lot of people that work to simulator. So next time we go back they would definitely want to do one there yeah, and also you know sometimes you don’t necessarily have to do like a meet-and-greet like a plan thing if we come to a country which you guys have to follow us on like Twitter, and Instagram. Because these posts like are behind like we were in Athens six days ago, and you guys just saw that long. But like we were in Belgium, and someone reached out to us, and we just caught up with them just one person. So that’s not a meet-and-greet, I’m so sorry for the, I’m really getting a bad cough which isn’t good. Because we’re getting married in like no I don’t want you to be sick we get a half.

But I’ve got some cold flu tablets which I need to take you should explain to them what happened with the whole best job on the planet oh yeah people said they’ve been voting fun yeah we haven’t had time to announce it on the on the posts yet. So the best job in the planet something happened yes explain first like what it was to see oh yeah I don’t know we talking yeah. So you guys just joined us there was this incredible competition with this company called third home they do like air B&B. But the like luxury. So they say like big mansions massive mansions, and the competition was you you win, I’m sorry sorry miss I for three no, I’ll explain you travel for three months, and they’ll pay you thirty thousand US dollars it was an insane competition 17,000 people entered, and I made it into the top 15, and you guys started voting which was insane um we like you know shot to the top, and they went to like second third, and we kept jumping around, and then what happened was a couple of people were getting like a bus or possibly possibly they were getting like a bunch of votes really quickly, and then third home sent out an email saying that they were thinking that a couple of people that were in the competition maybe were using like robots or something to get votes. So they decided to cut the competition early Sorrell had the most votes. So she ended up winning, and I guess we technically came like runner-up.

Because like yeah, and they gave us like a little prize that we’re going to be using later in the year. So stay tuned for that you’ll find out more. But that’s why you can’t vote anymore, and out all I mean it’s over was meant to keep going till the 30th. But I mean a big huge congratulations to Sorrell I totally deserved, and hey guys like I mean she has triple the audience’s us, and you guys still put up such an amazing fight like you guys you guys voted us away which was insane like for us to come runners-up, and we had like a very very small audience. Because it was based on voting like I had the most votes won, and we came second yes Rebecca we came second which was just insane, I’m so happy, and they gave us a runners-up prize which we’re still deciding when to use it um. But I will explain it to you when we actually use our prize yes that’s what happened at the best job thank you so much for helping yeah voting has ended. So you don’t have to worry about that.

But thank you guys you did amazing, and there was a lot another thing we wanted to do oh yes right okay one thing. So so today we are talk to her Airbnb she’s hangin Airbnb, and in there there was like a packet of like I feel at the end or like 50 what are they call gods and. So we stole 10 of them now we don’t want you to reveal your address on the live stream. Because yeah that’s not very good for the first 10 people that go into our Facebook page, and Facebook message us your address we’re going to send you a postcard. Because we thought that would be so much yeah it’s like breakfast car yeah. So if you go onto our Facebook page, and direct message us your name, and your address the first time people can get a little postcard, I’m opening up my Facebook app, and yeah you guys first 10 people will send you a postcard we’ll ride on them, and hopefully get if you don’t have us on Facebook it’s just flying the nest if you wanted a search yes that’s what as well first 10 people we will write you are that’s it okay postcard to say thank you for helping us maybe just about everything. But um yeah I mean it’s really exciting being here in Greece, and yet let us know guys did we sorry we felt like we fooled a few of you guys but.

So many people were writing saying they didn’t expect it oh people are coming through yay James are we going James oh love that did I say your name properly that’s awesome Oh blood you’ve got one minute Carl you guys are you guys are all gonna get it quick God you guys, I’m super quick, and Beatrice as well how many is that um I feel like we need to like not talk so much, I’m sorry you lose your voice for the wedding I feel like I am people did say we fooled them good ha ha cuz we’d never actually mentioned it. But Greece has been on the top of that bucket list since we talked about it when we were like 18 years old, and we would always say that Greece is going to be our honeymoon, and then when we were deciding where we wanted to get married we were like ah why don’t we actually get married in Greece um instead of just having as a honeymoon. So it’s kind of how that all happened, and then we kind of hit it hit it from you guys just. So none of you would expect Greece um just. Because we wanted it to be a big surprise definitely yeah, and uh I think when we announced it I was on like a few hours sleep as you can probably see from the post I was just wrecked even now you’re pretty tired yeah this morning we had to wake up at 4 a.m. to come back to Athens.

So yeah we are feeling quite tired at the moment. So I do apologize if we’re not as like energetic energetic today I think we’re on like a few hours sleep. Because we needed to come like we flew in like we left our hotel at 4 a.m. and then we had to wait till we all right 49 o’clock she walked away for 12 to check into our hotel just where your Sunny’s ocean is asking um my studies are from like a little what’s that store called in width is cheap its place called cheap, and they do kind of Sammys, and stuff. So be like um it’s like a second I just think like. Because easy, and uninstall it’s called cheap I don’t know if it’s just in Perth or not.

But that’s where it’s from um okay we know is Tyrone asked when we make a music post for grease remember how we made a few things we should totally maybe not a dance. But maybe we should do one you guys knew you liked something yeah especially when we go to some of the other islands. Because you’re fun we have the whole family yeah oh that one should be really fun we should plan something like I think everyone that’s coming to the wedding except for one person has been in the flight as Long’s now maybe two people I don’t think we’ve long Phil did we this is no matter what about those people you’ve met before yes really cool some pause people who haven’t seen four people who’ve been around here since like how did a Utah baby like such a family reunion it we were Union reunion, and that is like my like the part, I’m looking forward to the most even more than the wedding just being able to see all the family together which is really awesome, and someone asks before how long we’re gonna be in Greece we’re going to be spending three weeks in Greece yeah, I’m exploring a couple of islands, I’m just gonna have a drink of what yeah. So sorry, and then we can continue, and people are also asking how many people are coming to the wedding. So altogether there’s going to be 18 people we’ve like invited just our closest friends, and family, and making it like an epic week family holiday with a wedding in the middle yeah that’s what, I’m looking at to the most is having a family reunion, and then I suppose there’s a wedding there as well that was our goal the entire time was just to have a holiday a family holiday, and I think we picked quite a nice place. Because not much of my family have been here like barely anyone has been here as well which is really awesome. So it means that it’s all new for everyone coming, and we made sure it was in the school holiday.

So anyone that was a teacher or a student could come yeah that’s why we’ve chosen this time of year as well. Because it’s really good whether it’s school holidays, and it was easy for everyone to come. But, I’m glad you guys are all excited to see it, and we can’t wait to post it. But I think we’re gonna wrap it up here it’s been 15 minutes, and I don’t know, I’m already gonna lose your voice yeah, I’m so sorry guys maybe next next weekend’s lighting also you need to know. So people who are currently reading when this post goes live again. Because these comments disappear which is such a shame whose error watches it afters like who are we talking to yeah when this post goes live it should go live in like five minutes of time can you do me a big favor, and just comment down below when you think we should do the life in the moment we chose 3 p.m.

, and and we’ll try to our live streams next Sunday we will be a few more people yes. So I think it’s gonna be really fun. So let us know if this was a good time, and I will sell these postcards to you, I’ll go through the top ten who sent it through, and we’ll send you a postcard thank you so much, and I will see you guys one bit we’re hoping it would be more exciting next week. Because we won’t be tired or jet-lagged couple more people, and I am like I don’t know things lying, I’m getting really slow here to bed now that you like yeah okay. So sorry go I always it like, I’m actually it’s like through all the whole life which was good I don’t know how you did that I don’t know I slept on their window she caught the exact same flaw disaster screwed from Singapore yeah yeah 11 hours, and she slept watch show you like how do you know that it’s closer sure all right all right.

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