More Adventures in Nice

Hey it is my second day, and nice France and, I’m heading out just for some more adventures, I’ll see kind of what ends up happening in brando. So more of a rainy day today it’s kind of sprinkling a little bit hopefully the Sun will come back out later walking to go, and get coffee right now with a new friend that I actually met on Airbnb I’ve just finished having coffee with the women that I met off of Airbnb this lovely intellectual English woman has lived in France for many years. So that was great she suggested that I come to this kind of area very close to where we had coffee called the old town and, I’m walking around it now apparently there is a lot of historic little medieval streets in here where you can get lost, and yeah. So, I’m gonna wander around me this area is just. So stunning.

More Adventures in Nice Photo Gallery

So easy to just really get lost in all these little streets, and all of them are so colorful, and beautiful and. So pretty I found all of these stairs now that lead up to a castle of some sort. So walking along here there gorgeous views of the city everywhere of the bay the rooftops this is so beautiful you can see the city behind me. So pretty I love this place I love nice there are a lot of trails here none of them are really marked. So stunning have to come here if you’re in definitely I spend all day here there’s really so much to see, and course absolutely beautiful love it here well I have left the park, and now I am headed back-to I guess it’s my area of town.

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