From North to South and East to West: The Best European Cruise Resorts

Thanks to technology and diversification within the travel sector, there are now more ways than ever to see the world. While all of these are viable and have merit, there are some that remain more viable than others in the modern age.

Take cruising, for example, which emerged as an increasingly popular option as the reach and the appeal of this sector has diversified. The global cruise market now generates a staggering $39.6 billion in annual turnover, for example, while this mode of transportation is also increasingly accessible among younger holidaymakers.

3 of the Best European Cruise Resort

As we can see, the growth of the market has coincided with its diversification, as operators have opened up cruises in new, exciting and more remote locations. There are a number of tremendous routes now available in Europe, for example, so here is a selection of our favourites: –

From Scandinavia to Russia, across the Baltics

Let’s start with the newest arrival on the international cruise market, which is the option of taking a Baltic Cruise. Pioneered by market leaders such as Planet Cruise, these journeys take in the varied and magical sights of the Baltic Islands, stretching from the rugged fjords of Scandinavia to the medieval castles and architecture that adorn the Russian landscape.

There is truly no experience like a Baltic cruise, whether you traverse the mountainous waterways of Northern Europe or sail through the mysterious landscapes of St. Petersburg. The latter location is home to the iconic Church of the Saviour building, which remains one of Europe’s’ most colourful and photographed structures.

From Spain to Italy, across the Western Mediterranean

From the contemporary to the classic, we now turn our attention to one of Europe’s most travelled and longest-standing cruise routes. This traverses the waterways between Spain and Italy, while taking in the artistic, cultural and architectural influences that the Western Mediterranean has to offer.

This is arguably the cruise that offers the greatest diversity to travellers, from its aforementioned cultural landmarks to boutique shopping centres and stunning, sun-kissed coastlines. (think of Capri off the South Coast of Italy, for example). Some routes even take in destinations in North Africa such as Morocco, which in turn offers an entirely cultural perspective and experience.

From Italy to Israel, across the Adriatic Coast and the Eastern Mediterranean

Finally, we touch on the Eastern Mediterranean cruise route, which is dominated by variable landscapes and diverse cultural influences (from westernised locations in Eastern Italy to the others including Croatia, Turkey and Israel.

This is certainly an interesting cruise route, and one that immerses you in cultural history and an insight into alternative ways of life. The visual highlight of this trip is provided as you pass through Greece’s postcard city of Santorini, with its golden coastline, gleaming white architecture and rugged Cliffside landscape.

Although this is renowned the ideal cruise for experienced and dedicated cruisers, in truth there is enough to keep everyone interested on their travels.

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