Old San Juan

From Puerto Rico’s colonial past, Old San Juan stands as one, if not the most striking historical destination. Old San Juan was more than 500 years in the making, originally founded by Juan Ponce de Leon in 1508. Old San Juan is a sight to behold with its cobblestoned streets, colonial architectures and the slew of activities that one can do within the vicinity. Massive forts, such as La Fortaleza and El Morro that defended the island against foreign invasion are among the most visited attractions in Old San Juan. Take a stroll and bask in the view of the golden sunset at Paseo La Princesa or visit the magnificent home Ponce de Leon called La Casa Blanca. Old San Juan is a time machine. Today, it doesn’t just mirror Puerto Rico’s colorful past, but has also become a hub of myriad of activities shopping, dining, walking tours, sightseeing etc.that can keep you aptly occupied and entertained for many hours.

Old San Juan Photo Gallery

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