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Peru was once known as the heart of the Incan Empire it covers most of western South America all that mountain is fabulous. I came to Peru.

I thinking. I was only going to come, and see Machu Picchu and I’m going home with a much greater understanding of the country, and culture the Incan culture was short-lived but its footprint is still magically recognizable throughout Peru. I’m fascinated by the culture of the Incas these people are amazing, and the people of Peru are amazing too where might your curiosity take you in this little-known Continental region of our distant southern neighbor there’s So much more to Peru than Machu Picchu, and everyone should come, and find out the Andean Lupin is harvested for its beam is like a little beans icon the chocho bean was domesticated by the Incan people as a powerful source of protein in all of our trip the trip leaders of a great passion for their people their locations, and and their vocation actually my name come from the Quechua name which means glory Anka Gramp. I used to call me like a golden eagle. So they call me Corey still at home as, and young women.

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I loved to show the authenticity of our country. So my travel is my friend can take with them in their heart but of Peru but of Cusco. This is Senora Florida when Asiya the potato is believed to have originated in southern Peru dating as far back as BC, it’s been bred into over varieties with a story for each one the effort that they put into making a life here is really impressive a hard day’s work has its grateful rewards with this local brew called chicha Pachamama to the earth, and then.

I booze for the apples, and then we drink salud while we set up Arriba Abajo al Centro adentro. I try a little bit it’s. So soft, it’s not bitter, it’s like sweet anybody wanna try little bit anybody want to be adventurous.

I sure. I try a little bit a little bit like a little squirt of a sweat isn’t that bad tasty Cusco is a sprawling population center with an intact international character that reflects its Incan description as the navel of the world you the city is poised at the gateway to the sacred valley, and machu picchu climbing these steps making your own ascent to the world-famous lost city what will you experience it was very much interested in seeing the Inca ruins saw plenty of those, and it was a rather mystical experience the sight has baffled historians, and archeologists for years with little trace of what happened to those who built it, it’s amazing. How vast it is, and How advanced they were, and it’s wonderful that, it’s now being preserved again, it’s nice to see the country working to restore a lot of things that have been lost, and probably there’s way more to still be found that nobody even knows about yet theories abound among all who visit but the details of the remote mountain cities heritage, and day-to-day rhythms remain a mystery the schoolchildren greet visitors with smiles, and open hearts they’ve prepared a theatrical performance that’s hungry for an audience language Quechua which is a native language an Espada g KU Leuven ont while your own body sick spiky white clay hey Maya Thomas Kincade supervillain tattoo is Charlie young. I purchased a new tattoo hakuna matata nigga the eunsuh is a tree cutting ceremony with an activity similar to the pinata each dancing participant is allowed a couple of swings with an action always loved this book visits the goal of the eun-suk to try, and cut down a tree decorated with balloons ribbons, and assorted prizes, and it’s very interesting to see. How much people can do is So little she wants to be nurse feature a nurse a teacher a farmer the children share their aspirations, and gratitude in chinchero there’s an opportunity to learn from traditional weavers let me introduce you formally the weavers. I have here you can see the customer from the sheaf, and as you can see this very very dirty, and grace the cultural exchange, it’s pretty wonderful we are spinning the single hood using this instrument called busca each weaver shares the details of their craft with visitors who try to dye some yarn themselves the word candid is amazing as they said it takes at least three months.

So pleased with it it’ll be a real treasure in my home kit, and a great memory these craftsmen have mastered their work with yarn transforming it into a variety of weavings you can fill it up this one bottom Eden is. So sleazy you know can it like that yes. I really enjoy the fact that we do go out, and interact with different people that was a really good experience the people are wonderful the places we saw are just absolutely fabulous you can’t even describe the countryside when you see it seeing. How the people of the countryside really live which is something you don’t get to do with everybody from the highlands to the Sacred Valley from the Incans to the catch you up the eye-opening encounters of Peru past, and Peru presence will change everyone who visits what clues to the living, and cultural past can be discovered in South America Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands remain a living laboratory of Charles Darwin’s landmark theory of evolution the sophisticated layout of Machu Picchu legendary ruins are as accurate today as when each of these rocks were locked into place.

I’ve wanted to go since. I was years old, it’s just a dream. So is the Galapagos Islands my wife is just retired from teaching, and we are at that age where we’re recognizing that our parents are slowing down, and things are happening in their lives that there were lives are winding down and So what that says to all of us is we need to get out there, and do the things that we can while we can this massive citadel served as a stronghold for Manko inca leader of the native resistance against the conquistadors in the battle of oi’m pentonville the Inca army managed to hold off the Spanish forces from a set of high terraces, and to flood the Spanish position below hindering their Calvary there was another battle that was fought here Mongo Inca, and the Spaniards one of the few bottles of the Inca won against the Spanish invaders here in million theta Ruben’s been a fantastic guide any questions you have are not too silly or too embarrassing well different families are living in each other he’s extremely knowledgeable about the Incan culture, and Peru.

I think, it’s just wonderful just learning about the culture the people, and being able to visit these magnificent structures that were built hundreds of years ago Aereo being Vancity facing east. So that one place in West. Because of the sunlight is very nice today at O’Lantern Tumbo.

I chose not to go with the whole group up the side of the mountain. I went into the ruins halfway up and I told Ruben that. I’m just going to be here.

I wanted to feel the ruins boy untie tombow sits at over, feet above sea level, and is one of the most common starting points for the three-day hike known as the inca trail check out the rock the great view they did a beautiful is fun one as you can see all. This is original architecture region of Incas on water whoo. I like learning the history so.

I was the climbing. So much of this culture. I didn’t know oh very nice me Blane oh ah gracias there you go the other things are interesting parts of the culture, and understanding where we’re visiting, and what has become of the culture Peru has the highest school attendance rates in Latin America now they’re going to take us to the inside of the classroom the experience at the school was fantastic those are some of the most lovely children rights.

I have met exposed to applies here we went, and visited students at a school that is supported by grant circle foundation, and had a nice visit with the kids there they were very enthusiastic they are going to be happy with this boost areas cuándo es grande e lee’s would like to be a teacher must be an artist. I have such great expectations in life they want to be teachers, and and doctors gay Gotama huh she wants to know what kind of crops you grow ah. I go onion Guinea, and onions oh yeah, and happy on celery celery garlic celery inspiration for learning works both ways in this cross-cultural setting Oh Oh trailer nothing.

I haven’t left that trolley ride the taxi the tricycle ride it is a common sight in the rural areas of Peru to see three-wheeled taxis locally known as moto taxis or taxi cholo meeting with the family was was absolutely wonderful they have a beautiful home the food was beyond my recognition, and some of it but then also to taste it was just just great excellent excellent, it’s been great trying the different. I still don’t know what. I’ve eaten the guinea pig originated in the Andes, and has long been part of the traditional cuisine in these rural highlands look what we got over here the guinea pig.

I tried it he’s like chicken listen all these mega WZ here in the Marquita fresh the variety of projects at a Peruvian open market is overwhelming there are more than varieties of potatoes alone some are dried until they are as hard as stone one over there you see please like okay the Train love the train coming up here the narrow gauge track of this rail line allows the train to make the sharp corners of the steep canyon along a girl Baba river its destination Machu Picchu. I’m finally here. I’ve been waiting a lifetime to get here perched at, feet on a narrow Ridge in the high Peruvian Andes this lost city of the Incas was constructed without the benefits of either the wheel or iron tools the granite stone was cut.

So precisely that no mortar was needed to hold the walls in place he sang grace gone through the gate, and they go inside of the temple of the Sun through the window you see but only left this time the design of the temple of the Sun allowed the Incas to track the sun’s position to identify the winter solstice, and to schedule the harvest for their empire little by little stabilized thing the real benefit is we stay overnight in aguas calientes you get a taste, and an experience of the overall layout of the place, and then we can go back, and see more of Machu Picchu on the following day am uncle decided to send the chosen women to Machu Picchu Machu Picchu was taken as a refuge of the chosen women. This is my first trip then. I wanted to see Machu Picchu, and Galapagus.

We’ve been travelling with Grand Circle, and OIT for a long time, and we have fabulous trips with them. So why go if anyone else the city of Arequipa was founded on the th of August by Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro nearly all of the colonial era buildings which were built by slave labor are made from a white volcanic stone called see are earning arequipa the name the white city fifteen eighty, and expanded in the th century at its height the santa catalina monastery was practically a city within a city housing over people about a third of them were catholic nuns the rest were servants cloistered together in a community there are twenty has more containers here. I enjoy the monastery with all of its architecture, and the gentle limes in the Spanish feel, and that’s just.

I enjoy South America for that race almost the most different idea Fatiha that’s early Maria Maria listen you’re Nick see moving see Dominic I’ll make sure that what they have as an expectation, it’s for Peru not from where they are from. So what they make sure is that they have a new memory card in their brain. I’m just telling her let’s do it well her a wife is distracted on their cell movie is she has wonderful spirit music Athena still, it’s been a wonderful further exposure to the Peruvian people, and culture customs and We’ve thoroughly enjoyed it you.

So we just arrived to the local market called medicago centralism camilo. This is where the locals come, and buy their daily food, and their daily groceries all the way from hats to me to potatoes, and good juices, it’s a lot of fun garlic fresh is very strong every day they mean it, and they sell one soul is that folks the fruits, and the vegetables make me want to move into the park it. Because there’s.

So many different kinds of fruit, and vegetables that we don’t have in the US, and we were able to sample some of them, and it was fantastic, it’s very nice the the market is sort of a melting pot for Peruvian people culture, and food. I think and I enjoyed that very much throughout the centuries the Andes Mountains of Peru, and Bolivia have hosted some of South America’s most enduring, and influential civilization love Peru. I also wanted to go to Bolivia because.

I have not been to Bolivia before venture through the streets of arequipa, and La Paz discover vibrant indigenous cultures surrounded by the colonial charm of Spanish built cities my father always used to say that he loved Latin America. Because the people were. So warm and I hate that’s.

So true from the waters of Lake Titicaca to the plunging depths of colca canyon what discoveries await you in this little-known region of the Andes.

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