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[h]ome was BAMA, the Sprawl, the Boston-Atlanta Metropolitan Axis. Program a map to display frequency of data exchange, every thousand megabytes a single pixel on a very large screen. Manhattan and Atlanta burn solid white. Then they start to pulse, the rate of traffic threatening to overload your simulation. Your map is about to go nova. Cool it down. Up you scale. Each pixel a million megabytes. At a hundred million megabytes per second, you begin to make out certain blocks in midtown Manhattan, outlines of hundred-year-old industrial parks ringing the old core of Atlanta are all one elongated, spatially dispersed urban space.

This futuristic, pixelated world is home’ without locality, a post industrial, almost post-human, imagined world of technologically-generated images, reminiscent of Deyan Sudjic’s (1992) 100 mile city spreading in every direction where buildings, boundaries and even lives morph into one incandescent glow. It threatens to explode and it is difficult to ascertain if it is real or imagined. Like Mao Tun’s modernist

A proprietor who lives in a country or district other than Places to travel in Hawaii that where his estate or business is located. Also called an absentee. Ad valorem. A Places to travel in Hawaii term that describes a tax or duty on goods that is set at a percentage of the value of the goods. Adelantado. The Spanish term for the governor of a province or colony.

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