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1767–1769 Charles Townshend, Chancellor of the Exchequer, proposes new Poland Subway Map duties to raise money. The Townshend Duties include taxes on paint, paper, and tea. Poland Subway Map Reaction to the duties in Virginia is more muted than during the Stamp Act crisis, but Virginia does sign on to the circular letter sent by Massachusetts. Virginia merchants agree not to import goods from Great Britain, and to favor goods produced in Virginia. There are relatively few British troops stationed in Virginia, and there are few aggressive British officials there, so the movement toward independence and revolution takes shape more slowly and along different lines than it does in Massachusetts, for instance. 1770 Under the leadership of Lord North, Parliament repeals all of the Townshend Duties, save for that on tea, which remains as a symbol of Parliament’s right to tax the colonies in any manner it sees fit.

The inspector general for the Country Board of Customs Commissioners arrives in Virginia and complains about the amount of tobacco exported illegally from the colony. 1771 The Earl of Dunmore, the new royal governor, arrives in Virginia, and immediately runs into trouble with the people of Virginia. His administration is further hampered by a deepening financial crisis, which causes some British merchants to attempt to collect on planter debt, which, in turn, pushes the planters toward a more revolutionary position.

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