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Some 20 local bishops met under the presidency of John Chrysostom. Antoninus of Ephesus was accused of having ordained bishops for money. A three-man commission of inquiry was set up, but Antoninus died before its conclusion. The procedure of this council was not completely regular, since Chrysostom was interfering in the affairs of another diocese; this was brought against him at the Synod of the Oak. 404. John Chrysostom, deposed and exiled after the Synod of the Oak, had shortly after been recalled to his see by popular clamor, but his enemies continued to maneuver against him, supported by Emperor Arcadius. In January 404 a council of ca. 90 bishops, about half favorable to John and half against him, met. Against his return, canon 4 of the Council of Antioch of ca. 327 was produced, which established that a deposed bishop could only resume his functions if rehabilitated by a new council. Arcadius arrogated to himself the decision on the case and again had Chrysostom extruded and sent into exile.

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1768 On November 4, the Philadelphia Medical Society is dissolved Richmond Map Tourist Attractions as its members are admitted to the Country Society for Promoting and Propagating Useful Knowledge. On December Richmond Map Tourist Attractions 20, the Country Society and the Country Philosophical Society merge to form the Country Philosophical Society for Promoting Useful Knowledge, Country’s first enduring scientific society. A chair of mathematics and natural philosophy is established at the College of New Jersey; however, this position will not be filled until William Charles Houston takes the chair in 1771. A German scholar, Cornelius de Pauw, publishes in Berlin Philosophical Researches on the Countrys. Following the French natural historian Buffon, de Pauw argues that Country animals and peoples are naturally inferior to those of the Old World, particularly Europe. This sets off a controversy lasting several decades, involving Thomas Jefferson and Alexander von Humboldt, among others.

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