Roller Skating Paris

Years ago I was returning home in a taxi and suddenly we came to a halt. I heard whistles and other noise. The police had stopped traffic, protecting the miles long (or so it seemed) line of people skating by. Another time I was walking home at night and had to stop and wait for 15 minutes before I could cross the street, as the skaters whizzed by. If you’re a decent skater, which means that you know how to brake and skate downhill, then give this a try. There is an English language website that tells you everything you need to know: The ride starts at 22:00 at the Place Raoul Dautry in the 14th arrondissement, (Metro: Gare Montparnasse, Lines 4, 6, le, 13) and ends around 3 hours later. The route changes every week. This is a highly organized activity, perfectly safe assuming that you know how to skate. What a great way to see Paris by night!

If you do not relish the idea of lugging your skates around, which I understand, you can rent a pair at a reasonable price from either Nomade Shop (Tel: +33 (0)1 44 54 07 44)

http://www.nomadeshop.eom/#/page/Location/ or Roulez Champions (Tel: +33 (0)1 44 71 02 48). http: / / www. roul ezchampi ons. com/ fr/fr_l ocation. html.

English spoken at Roulez Champions.

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