Roros Norway Map

County: Sor-Trendelag fylke.

Altitude: 628 m (2060 ft). Population: 3300.

Postal code: N-7460, Telephone code: 0 74.

HOTELS. Bergstadens Turisthotell, 160 SB: Fiellheimen Turiststasjon, 36 Ertzscheidergarden,

28 Hesjoen Pensjonat, 14 HenningsgSrden Turiststasjon, 20 b. YOUTH HOSTEL. CAMP SITE.

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The mining town of Roros was founded in 1 644, after the discovery of large deposits of copper in the region.

SIGHTS. There are several old miners houses in the town, some of them 250 years old, particularly in Bergmannsgata the main street. Atthe N end of thestreet is a small museum (KobberverksSamiinger) illustrating the mining and processing ol copper.

particularly good music especially at Christmas and Ascension Day (mid-May).

To the W of the town is the little Doktortjonna Lake. On its N side is the Roros Museum, which gives an excellent picture of the life of the local miners and peasants.

SURROUNDINGS. The Christianus Quintus (Christian V) Mine 8 km (5 miles) E of the town, an old copper mine, is open to visitors in summer. The Roros tourist information office arranges bus trips and conducted tours.

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