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From Kungalv a road runs W to the coast (18 km 11 miles) and continues over bridges and a ferry to the seaside resort of Arvidsvik on Koo (Cow Island). From here there is a ferry service to the popular resort of Marstrand (Alphyddan Hotel, 51 Bdtellet, 107 Marstrand, 70 b.), situated on a small island and dominated by the 17th c. Carlsten Castle, St Mary’s Church dates from 1 640. An international sailing regatta is held at Marstrand in mid July.

Beyond Kungalv E6 leaves the canal and passes the old church of Kareby. Soon afterwards it comes to the Ingetorpssjd (on right), with an Iron Age cemetery.

At St Hoga an attractive trip can be made on Road 160, which runs to Uddevalla by way of the islands of Tjorn and Orust. Travel writing Scandinavia The Stenungsund was formerly spanned by a massive bridge 600 m (650 yds) long. After the old bridge was rammed by a ship in January

1980 causing its collapse, the new suspension bridge was brought into use in November 1981. On the W coast of Tjorn is Skarhamn, a fishing town and also a port for the export of cars.

Road 1 60 continues over another bridge on to the island of Orust, the third largest in Sweden (336 sq. km 130 sq. miles), Travel writing Scandinavia with numerous little fishing villages and places for swimming. Off Orust lies the little island of Gullholmen, on which is a very ancient fishing village. From here we can return to the mainland by the Notesundsbro (603 m (660 yds) long); then either left for Fiskebackskil or right for Uddevalla.

Beyond St Hoga E6 runs inland for some distance and then comes to the popular seaside resort of Lyckorna (founded 1876) and the commercial town and resort of Ljungskile (Turisthotellet, 1 7 Ah StiftsgSrd, 224 b.), on a bay of the same name in the Havstensfjord. 5 km (3 miles) beyond this, to the left of the road, is the church of Resterod (partly dating from the 12th restored 1 91 9-20), one ofthe oldest in Bohuslan.

Uddevalla (pop. 47,000; hotels: Bohus-gSrden, 146 Carlia-Gastis, 80 Gyldenlowe, 66 Ritz, 55 Central-hotellet, 36 b.), a busy industrial town lies near the outflow of the Bavea into the Byfjord. In Kungstorg stands an equestrian statue of King Karl X Gustav (1 908), and to the E of this, on an adjoining hill, the early 19th c. church with a separate tower (1751). The town has large shipyards and dock installations. From here Road 44 runs E to Lake Vanern ( 283), passing in 2-5 km (1 miles) the Skalgrusbankar (extensive deposits of fossil sea-shells).

E6 continues NW. At Torp Road 1 61 goes off on the left and runs via Bokenas (12th c. church) to the old fishing village and bathing resort of Fiskebackskil, Travel writing Scandinavia on the island of Skafto in the beautiful Gullmarsfjord. It then continues over a ferry to the attractive seaside resort of Lysekil (pop. 15,000; Hotell Lysekil, 80 Strand Hotell, 36 several camp sites), at the southern tip of the StSngenas peninsula (fish preserving). Near the fine Gothic church is a rocky crag, the Flaggberg, from which there are good views. Erom here continue along the coast via Tanumshede to rejoin E6.

At Dingle a road branches off E6, cuts across the coast road and comes to the seaside resorts of Hunne-bostrand (Gastis Hotel, 68 b.) and Kungshamn (Kungshamn Hotell, 127 Snackan, 40 b.). Kungshamn has a large modern fishing harbour. Offshore lies the island of Smogen, with a seaside resort.

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