Safety Tips For Traveling To Egypt


Putting barriers between you and a mosquito will protect you.

Before you go to bed:

If fitted, close mosquito screens at all doors and windows before dusk. If no screens are present, close the doors and windows to stop more mosquitoes coming into the room.

Spray the room with a mosquito killer, to kill any that got into the room when the doors and windows were open.

Turn up the air conditioning if you have it. Apart from making you more comfortable, the cooler temperature seems to make mosquitoes less active and so less likely to bite.

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Make sure that beds are fitted with mosquito nets.

Give a final spray of mosquito killer inside the net half an hour before you get into bed (giving the spray time to dissipate before you get in).

When you get into bed, make sure that there are no live mosquitoes inside the net, and that the net is properly fitted and tucked in.

Wear clothes that will cover as much bare skin as possible.

Wear long sleeves and trousers to expose the minimal amount of skin to mosquitoes, especially in calm weather and at dawn and dusk when they are most active.

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Consider increasing your protection by tucking trousers into socks to prevent mosquitoes crawling inside your clothes.

Think about wearing gloves and a hat too.

A mosquito hat has mosquito netting attached. It is a wide-brimmed hat with a veil of mosquito-proof netting which keeps the mosquitoes off your face, ears and neck. It also prevents that annoying tickling and the whining noise when they cluster around your face.

When wearing a mosquito hat consider tucking the netting into your shirt to prevent mosquitoes from getting underneath where they can bite.

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You can sit in a screened area, a sort of patio with walls and a roof of mosquito mesh screens all around you. Just like getting ready for bed, you will have to spray and kill any mosquitoes that are already inside. When the screened area is clear and the screens are shut, you have the advantages of sitting outside’ while being protected from mosquitoes and other insects.

Mosquitoes seem to be attracted to bright colours, just like a bee or wasp will fly around somebody in a bright yellow top. Avoid clothes made of bright-coloured material and some flower and leaf prints. Plain colours such as khaki, beige and olive seem to be safe to wear.

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