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As in most conflicts, there is no single explanation for the outbreak of hostilities between the English and their neighbors. San Bernardino Map he Yamasee had been close allies of the Carolina colony, participating in slaving raids against the Spanish and their allied mission natives in 1702 and 1704. The Yamasee also played a major role in the subjugation of the Tuscarora during the Tuscarora War (17111715). The Yamasee had been pushed out of Spanish Florida by renewed forced labor drafts and increasing cultural pressure from the missions, and they were drawn toward Carolina by more plentiful opportunities for trade and the acquisition of firearms.

Traditional interpretations of the war suggest that unscrupulous traders operating out of Carolina angered the Yamasee sufficiently to cause war, but more recent theories point to a wide array of factors, of which trade debts were merely one. The Yamasee had been among the prime movers in the farreaching Native Country slave trade that grew in the Southeast in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. It was their very effectiveness as slave raiders and providers of deerskins that brought the Yamasee into conflict. They, and other groups who had occupied Port Royal before them, had likely overhunted fragile deer populations and overraided nearby native communities. By 1715, they had essentially outlived their usefulness to the shrewd English colonists.

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