SeaWorld Orlando Exhibits

What’s cool about them?

1 . TurtleTrek, opening in April 2012, is SeaWorld Orlando’s newest and most cutting-edge attraction. Its 3-D/360-degree dome takes you right inside the life journey of a turtle. TIP: See this exhibit first thing in the morning, because it will be extremely popular and crowded. A, T

2. Can’t get enough turtles? Visit Turtle Point, an outdoor sea turtle habitat with a shallow pool and beach.

3. Wild Arctic is an indoor zoo featuring polar bears, beluga whales, and walruses. It is themed to look like an Arctic Ocean research station. The Wild Arctic Ride is here.

4. The Waterfront is the place to be if you enjoy souvenir shops and restaurants. It’s themed to look like a quaint Mediterranean village. See some pretty pink birds at Flamingo Pond.

SeaWorld Orlando Exhibits Photo Gallery

5. Touch a stingray Stingray Lagoon.

6. Shark Encounter is one of the most popular spots inside SeaWorld Orlando. It features one of the world’s largest underwater viewing tunnels, allowing you to see sharks like you’ve never seen them before. Since sharks lose their teeth continually, look for teeth along the edges of the tunnel. A, T

7. If you want to see killer whales beneath the surface, head to the Shamu: Close Up exhibit. This underwater viewing area is really cool.

8. If seals and sea lions are your favorite marine animals, Pacific Point Preserve is the exhibit for you. You’ll see both here and learn how to tell them apart. You might even get the chance to feed them for an extra fee.

9. Manta Aquarium is actually ten separate aquariums. You can see 300 rays and 3,000 other fish here. Look for the “pop up” area where you can surround yourself with fish. There’s also an overhead viewing panel so you can watch fish from below. You might see angelfish. clownfish. pipefish, sea dragons, damselfish and two species of sea horses. There is also a giant Pacific octopus inside the saltwater habitat. A

10. Right next to Journey to Atlantis is the Jewel of the Sea Aquarium. It features jellyfish and a very cool aquarium tank on the floor that you’ll walk right over. There’s also one on the ceiling.

11. Want to see some new-born bottlenose dolphins? Of course you do! Visit Dolphin Nursery.

12. You can watch bottlenose dolphins both above and below water at Dolphin Cove. TIP: check the feeding times in the morning when you enter SeaWorld park and arrange to visit the exhibits such as Dolphin Cove at these times.

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