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1707 Robert Feke, the first great native-born Country painter and the first painter to evolve a uniquely Country style of painting, is born in Oyster Bay, Long Island. St. Petersburg Map Tourist Attractions Unlike more traditional artists such as John Smibert, who received formal artistic training in Europe, Feke will rely on instinct, intuition, and natural ability to compose his paintings, not on any formal artistic theory.

As a result, his paintings will be endowed with a realism and clarity that is lacking in Smibert’s work, and Feke’s paintings will become more popular with the colonists, who are, themselves, unschooled in the particulars of art and art history. In 1741, Feke will paint his masterpiece, Isaac Royall and His Family. The painting will bear a striking resemblance to Smibert’s The Bermuda Group Dean George Berkeley and His Family, and it will be obvious that Feke used it as a model for his own work. 1708 Henrietta Dering Johnston emigrates with her husband from Ireland to South Carolina. Johnston is the first female painter to work in the North Country colonies. She is also the first Country pastelist.

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