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The first of four wars between the French and the British Syria Map Tourist Attractions in Country over control of North Country, which lasted from 1689 to 1697. The associated conflict Syria Map Tourist Attractions in Europe was known as the War of the League of Augsburg. King’s Bench. The highest court of common law in England, which tries both civil and criminal cases. When the sovereign is a woman, it is called the Queen’s Bench. Kiva.

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Postgraduate student Brett Milligan’s University of New Mexico design studio proposal, Inundating the Border: Migratory Spaces Within the Seam, examines this physical space of the border (Figure 3). Brett’s project speculates about what could occur if the river was dechannelized and allowed to inundate and fluctuate once again. The physical border becomes blurred through various entopic landscape processes. In a practical sense, the site can now accommodate surface water run-off and mitigate flash flooding that has resulted from the rapid urbanization of Juarez-El Paso. Further, Brett writes: The Rio Grande/Rio Bravo is a polluted and dying river. Regulated flows and concrete channels engineered in the 1960s have eliminated much of the riparian habitat along Figure 3a: Brett Milligan, Inundating the Border: Migratory Spaces within the Seam, postgraduate student proposal. Image: Brett Milligan. its banks. Industries on both sides of the border dump heavy metals, and runoff from irrigated fields increases the alkalinity of the water. If the Rio Grande is released from the concrete channel, it will once again penetrate into the ground, and create a diversity of habitats, such as bosques, meadows and wetlands that will begin to reclaim the river through regenerative natural processes. These environments will emerge and migrate with the fluctuations of the river, creating places that are never the same. An abandoned braid of the river becomes a tall grass meadow the next day the river floods and the meadow lies beneath the swiftly moving current. Years later riparian trees have matured and the place becomes a shady bosque. During a particularly dry year, the space becomes part of the border patrol surveillance pathway.

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