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Constantinople’s population grew rapidly from the start, but any calculation is approximate: in the mid-6th c. it may have had three or four hundred thousand inhabitants, which would make it one of the most populous cities of the time. Such a multitude of people led to grave economic and political problems: devout and obedient to the authorities, the popular voice was expressed through the socalled circus parties or four factions, of which the most influential were the so-called Venetoi “blues” and Prasinoi “greens”, often in bitter mutual conflict, but sometimes in revolt against the sovereignty of the emperors. In his new imperial capital, Constantine found a population of varied ethnic stock, whose beliefs were largely pagan and only partly converted to faith in Christ. Legend attributes the origin of the Christian church there to the apostle Andrew and his disciple Stachys. The first Christian community at Byzantion, set up in the mid-2nd c. long remained under the jurisdiction of Heraclea Perinthus in Thrace. At the start of the 4th c. it seems to have been well established; its Bishop Mitrophanes 306307–314 is attested by authentic sources. At the Council of Constantinople 381 the see of the capital was accorded not just the name New Rome but also second place after Rome on the Tiber, a position confirmed at Chalcedon in 451.

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On paper, the effects of the Dominion government on Connecticut Senegal Map appear devastating. The Congregational Church, the backbone of Connecticut society, would no longer receive support Senegal Map from taxes, and Anglicans and members of other denominations would attain legal equality. Militia members could no longer vote for their own leadership; instead, militia officers were to be appointed by Andros. In reality, life in Connecticut under the Dominion of New England changes relatively little. 1689 Following the Glorious Revolution in England, Massachusetts imprisons Governor Andros, thereby ending the Dominion of New England. Connecticut soon returns to business as usual, although some disputes do arise over whether the colony can hold new elections or must wait for a royal appointee to govern.

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