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The family were the old man, his wife and two Tampa Map Tourist Attractions Children; all and every part being the picture of poverty. Notwithstanding both the Hutt and its Tampa Map Tourist Attractions Inhabitance were very clean and tydee: to the crossing the Old Proverb, that bare walls make giddy bowswifes. I Blest myselfe that I was not one of this misserable crew; and the Impressions their wretchedness formed in me caused mee on ye very Spott to say: Tho’ Ill at ©ase, A stranger and alone, All my fatigues shall not extort a grone.

These Indigents have hunger wth their ease; Their best is worn behalfe then my disease. Their Misirable butt wch Heat and Cold Alternately without Repulse do hold; Their Lodgings thyn and hard, their Indian fare, The mean Apparel which the wretches wear, And their ten thousand ills wch can’t be told, Makes nature er’e ’tis midle age’d look old. When I reflect, my late fatigues do seem Only a notion or forgotten Dreem.

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