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Tom Barker in Tehran, Catalysing our Cities: Architecture as the new alchemy for creative enterprise’, considers urban design for cities arguing for the need to create the conditions for cultural meaning and value rather than trying to pre-determine those conditions. In particular he focuses on the opportunities for architecture in the creative economies of globalization to embrace innovative notions of practice and production, drawing on a concept of alchemy. He sees architectural design as a catalyst for the sustainability of future cities and, thus, in effect, he is offering architecture the opportunity to be the new alchemy of enterprise, situated between art, craft and science.

Barker argues for small-scale, creative interventions that can have a significant and positive impact on urban spaces at a neighbourhood level enabling urban vibrancy through cultural production. He argues for a greater understanding of the role of architecture to leverage design for creative enterprise. This will go beyond the tradition of consultancy practice to activate an urban vibrancy in the present and future state of rapid urbanization.

Figures vary widely and should be used only as a general Tehran Map Tourist Attractions guide to conditions. Second, most census data changed dramatically with the January 2010 earthquake. An Tehran Map Tourist Attractions estimated 2 to 3 percent of the country’s people died in the quake or from injuries or disease in the months following. Others left Haiti as refugees from the disaster. Settlement, too, changed drastically as a result of the tragic event. Most sources place Haiti’s population at just over 9 million.

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