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In the Dome, immediately adjacent to the Pavilion, there Tehran Subway Map have been a number of sightings of the White Lady, a woman in a long white dress Tehran Subway Map resembling the morganatic wife of George IV, Maria Fitzherbert. A security officer reports seeing a portly man with cream pantaloons and leather riding boots, at least seven feet tall.

Turn left off Marlborough Place to head up Church Street. Opposite are the offices of BBC Southern Counties Radio, formerly the Blenheim, where a young chambermaid committed suicide. Numerous bizarre and unexplained incidents have been reported here, such as sensations of cold in various parts of the building; a piece of paper in a typewriter flipping backwards and forwards; a large cardboard box shooting off a filing cabinet and falling to the ground with a crash, but being found to be empty; coffee shooting out from a mug and splattering some records; tapes tumbling to the floor; broadcasting equipment and lights malfunctioning; and a mysterious smell of perfume. Turn left off Church Street into New Road.

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