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This is not a place to have overnight guests. There are short time motels lining the street, use them and stay at an all-inclusive place with security. With a girl in your room, you need a third eye on the back of your head to keep track of all your stuff. The girls can be a little slippery down here. Rule of thumb is to buy a sledgehammer and some 2-inch thick bolts and anything over $5 in value should be imbedded into the floor. Even that just buys you time. If you go to your bathroom and piss longer than 30 seconds, one minute later you’ll be chasing her down the street. Her arms will be full of your stuff, your boxers will be at your ankles, you dick is Hopping, and the cops will be laughing at you.

If you think you can pick a trophy girl and want to risk an overnighter, you should purchase an acetylene torch and build a cage for your visitor while you’re sleeping. Don’t leave any toiletries in the bathrooms, and nothing on the bedroom desk.

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Hotels :

Scattered about Boca Chica are numerous smaller hotels and guesthouses. There are many small hotels that dot the beach town, and it’s just a short walk to the discos at night. Regardless of your taste in accommodation, you will find something to suit you. If you stay in Sousa, there are over 2000 rooms. For upscale, there are 3 huge all-inclusive resorts, which are from $100+ per night. Prices include the room, meals, drinks, and non-motorized water sports. The properties are located at each end of the beach and one in the middle the Hamaca, the Don Juan, and Dominican Bay (formerly Boca Chica Resort).

The Hamaca Coral by Hilton is generally regarded as the best and most expensive property in Boca Chica. This is a large high-rise hotel with 623 rooms, with multiple restaurants, a disco, casino, multiple shops, two pools, and a private beach that is off-limits to anybody not staying at the hotel. It is a full-service all-inclusive fortress and usually recommend this hotel to first-time visitors to Boca Chica. Generally $100-150 a night, fluctuates by season. A very popular disco at night, $10 gets you all you can drink.

Hoteur Dominican Bay Resort is the only one of the 3 big ones not located directly on the beach, however they do have their own private section on the beach that is connected to the main property via a private walkway and bridge. It is the most affordable of the 3 big all-inclusive hotels. The resort has at least one super-giant pool, and offers an outstanding value for those that prefer an all-inclusive resort at an affordable price. $40-60 809-412-2001

The Don Juan is the oldest and smallest of the all-inclusive hotels. The best location, layout, and gardens, right on the beach in the center. There are no buildings over 4 stories tall, but there are no elevators either. Request a room on one of the lower floors if stairs are a problem. Contact them directly ( $100-130 per person per night per person.). 809-687-9157

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