Top Destinations In South East Desa Seni, Baei


When we arrived at the resort we felt like we were in an Art Village', which is the true meaning of Desa Seni. From every individual wooden guesthouse, to the architecture and the garden’s design, it shows the work of a creative visionary.

The owner, Tom Talucci is behind the design and decor, from the antique-style Indonesian cabins, peaked roofs and stone walkways to the room decor, curtains and wooden furniture. Every guesthouse has been given a name and the decoration has been carefully selected to complete the feeling of being in an Art Village At Desa Seni the yoga studio is very popular and both guests and outsiders come daily to enjoy the multiple classes on offer. Our favourite class was the Nia Dance' which is an incredible combination of yoga, dance, martial arts and the Alexander technique which helps to release tensions, harmonise the left-right brain and balances mind, body and spirit.

At the restaurant they have a ‘slow food' concept where they serve the most delicious vegetarian meals, 80% of which are from their home grown garden.

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The atmosphere is enchanting, the lush, green colours that surround the guesthouses are Eden-like and with a good imagination you might even expect a fairy to pass by. Desaeni. Com.

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