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From Hedemora Road 70 continues to Sater (alt. 157 m (51 5 ft); pop. 10,360), with the interesting AsgSrdarnas Hof (houses dating from the last four centuries; workshop for making tiled stoves).

To the N extends the charming Saterdal, a deeply indented valley some 6 km (4 miles) long; open-air theatre. From the old mining settlement of Bispberg, Travel to Scandinavia from uk 3 km (2 miles) NE, there is a path to the top of BispbergsKlack (314 m 1030 ft), which affords extensive views. Soon afterwards the 86 m (280 ft) high spire of the church at Stora Tuna comes into sight in the distance (church built 1486; paintings; crucifix 6 m (20 ft) high).

The road then comes to Borlange (alt. 139 m (456 ft); pop. 46,000; Brage Hotel, 147 Esso Motor Hotel, 243 SB; Gylle Motel Tre Hastar, Travel to Scandinavia from uk 96 youth hostel, 70 b.), a considerable industrial town with iron and steel works, rolling mills and a paper-mill. From the Forssa Klack, 2 km (1i miles) N, there are far-ranging views. 20 km (12i miles) NE is Falun (90), 45 km (28 miles) S Ludvika.

Road 70 follows the Dalalv, which is formed at Djuras by the junction of the Oster- and Vasterdalalv. From DjurSs it runs N through the old village of Gagnef (alt. 183 m (600 ft); 16th c. church, fine stained glass), which is famous for its beautiful lace, and the little industrial town of Insjdn (alt. 183 m 600 ft), to the N of which is the 15th c. church of Al (local museum adjoining the church), and comes to Leksand, on the S side of Lake Siljan (26 km (16 miles): 234).

Immediately N of Lake Siljan is Lake Orsa (alt. 1 61 m (528 ft); area 56 sq. km (22 sq. miles), greatest depth 97 m 320 ft). At the N end of this lake is Orsa (alt. 171 m (561 ft); pop. 5000; Orsa Hotel, 68 youth hostel), the industrial and commercial capital of northern Dalarna. The church, originally dating from the 14th c. has fine 16th c. frescoes. Extensive recreational facilities at the mouth of the Orealv.

12km (7imiles) NWof Orsa is the recreation complex of FryksSs (Fryksas Hotell, 36 winter sports), Travel to Scandinavia from uk with magnificent views of Lakes Orsa and Siljan. 17 km (11 miles) NE of Orsa (Road 296), situated some 100 m (330 ft) above the Orealv, we come to the village of Skattungsbyn. At the W end of the village stands a birch-tree (Skattungsbjorken) which retains its leaves until the new shoots appear in spring. The tourist resort of Furudal (alt. 205 m 673 ft), another 20 km (12 miles) E between Lake Skattung to the NW and Lake Ore to the SE, originally grew up round a chain-making forge. 12 km (74 miles) N are the summer grazings of Arterisen (468 m 1535 ft). 20 km (12 miles) S (Road 300, at Boda, is a waterfall 36 m (120 ft) high, the Styggfors.

From Orsa Road 81 runs N into an inhospitable region, the Orsa Finnmark, which was settled by Finnish immigrants in the 17th c. and still has many villages and mountains with Finnish names, such as Pilkalampinoppi (644 m (2113 ft): extensive views) and Korpimaki (706 m 2316 ft). Both of these, together with Lake Fagei, are in Hamra National Park (27 hectares (70 acres); natural forest).

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