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The protected Bay of Calvi was visited with fondness even by the Etruscans the Venetians, and the Greek the first harbour was built by the Romans the name Calvi appears several times in history books.

This is where Admiral Nelson the later winner of the Trafalgar battle lost his. I went on the invitation of Paolo Lee the English troops tried to conquer Corsica from the branch in World War two the Marines of the Allied forces departed from here for the invasion of Normandy the old town built on a meter high granite rock is surrounded by the walls of an th century genuine fortress the most important building of the Citadel fortified with watchtowers is the old governor’s palace the building is the training center of the Foreign Legion even today the tunnel-like entrance leads to the castle district on its wall the epigraph.

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Siebert is sculpey Semper Fidelis or Calvi always remains faithful, and the coat of arms of the town can be seen, it’s probably only a myth that Christopher Columbus was born in this Citadel however this possibility cannot be excluded completely since when he was born Corsica was under genuine authority.

So the genuine origin could have met Calvi also anyway a memorial plaque was made for the famous explorer, and was placed alongside that of Napoleon moreover a street was also named after him the Lower Town with its harbor cafes with colorful umbrellas terraced restaurants, and the colorful promenade is the direct opposite of the calm upper town the ships, and ferries arriving from France call it pork ki laundry the passenger cargo, and yacht harbors are separated by moles the salt tower defining the image of the harbor was built as a watchtower by the Jena ones later it functioned as a salt storage, it’s worth looking back from the light tower at the end of the mole the view from the citadel unfolds most completely from here and This is the departure point of many cruises the most scenic of them leads past the Lassonde la peninsula which was declared a nature reserve of the journal ACTA sixty kilometers from here.

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