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Good morning Jodhpur. After a nice light sleep, up to the rooftop for a breakfast with this amazing view.

How about that? This is one of India’s largest forts it sits overlooking this, the Blue City of Jodhpur. It was lit up last night when I arrived, very beautiful, now I’ve got a blue sky behind it, sun shining down, and it’s within walking distance of my guesthouse so after some breakfast I’ll wander my way up there. Have a look around and see what the views offer as well.

Why is Jodhpur the Blue City Blue Jodhpur Fort Rajasthan India Travel India Photo Gallery

Nice relaxed start, and you know I’m standing here I can’t hear any horns, oh there goes one. And out into the streets of Jodhpur. There we go.

And off we go. It’s another glorious day, blue sky not a cloud in sight that is the dry season. Now I sort of turn left and walk up, I mean the castle is right up there on top of the hill.

Ok apart from being upwards how difficult can it be? Oh and its lovely and quiet around here. not scooters zipping around, not in this part anyway. The usual dog, dogs here so many of them quite friendly but you gotta be careful with them.

There’s the castle, I guess you go that way, ah look, looks like now ok so there’s the castle. It’s sitting just behind a huge electric transformer, there’ss the castle, that’s where i wanna go now it looks like the path goes around there, around there and there which must be up there. So that’s the way we’re gonna go.

I call it castle its actually a fort, not sure what the difference is. Yep let’s go up to the fort. There we go.

Old artesian well or water well just halfway between the Old City and the castle, and the fort. There’s no doubt we’re closing in on the Fort, found the right place, found the car park. There’s streams of people and the fort is right there and it seems the closer you get the bigger it get’s as well as busier.

And the fort entrance, selfie, yes and they actually have banned selfie sticks because people keep going too near the edge, taking a selfie over the edge, and falling, so they were banned. I wonder if I I can get my selfie stick under control. So selfie sticks are not allowed and this camera on a tripod looks a bit like a s.

..and the tripod is not allowed, so im going to tuck you all away, get inside and take you out when I go inside.

See you inside the Fort. I’m inside the Fort, theres a Fort and a museum in the Fort so you can actually, for free you can actually wander around the outside of the Fort but you can’t go inside and see the museum. And if you have a camera I’ll show you, you need to get this which is a camera fee, rupees so it’s not overly expensive.

It’s a or uh rupees to go into the museum and rupees for your camera. Just wander around, it’s busy outside, this Fort is quite amazing built into the rock years old amazing to think what went into building something like this. You think of all those years ago, all the people, all the suffering and the time and the design that went into building something like this.

And then it was like a military fort used for security, now I wonder what they’d have thought seeing all these tourists wandering around hey. From here you can really see a lot more evidence of the Blue City, If you look down there you see a lot more blue buildings there. [background music] Well stage of the tour, when you first come into the museum is these rooms here, here and here is seats that they used to use to ride on elephants not exactly the most exciting but interesting lets head into the stage and see what’s through here.

Amazing architecture. Almost at the top of the Fort overlooking Jodpur! Oh, wow, take a look at that. the view, here we are on top of the City.

There is the City sprawling all over on all sides. I’m staying somewhere down there, not really got a clue where. The Blue City, as seen from the fort that overlooks the city.

As you can see plenty blue buildings. Blue is the colour that attracts the light and keeps mosquitoes and insects away but originally the story is, that after the Fort was built and they started building houses they found a loads of termites, so they put copper sulphate which turned the paint blue but also the termites didnt like it, it repelled termites. So that’s one of the stories about originally why blue was the colour of paint on the walls, If anyone knows any better, please let me know.

Today we’re enjoying in the beautiful sunshine and the blue sky, the fort on the top of the hill in Jodhpur. Nice leisurely breakfast this morning, the place where i’m staying overlooked the fort, really beautiful. I arrived late last night, fort was lit up, the moon was rising above it, it was really beautiful, so i had my supper on the rooftop, slept, had my breakfast on the rooftop and now i’ve actually taken the walk from the guesthose up to the fort on the hill.

Now this is beautiful and huge as well, I believe it’s the biggest fort in Rajastan one of the biggest forts in the whole of India. And it is rambling, there’s a museum, there’s grounds, there’s all sorts of temples and nooks and crannies in it. You could easily get lost spending a day rambling around here.

It is quite busy, you have to use your elbows a little bit to get your positions, to get your photos. But here, have a look around the fort and let me know what you think. .

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