The World Amazing Place Where You Can Feel Relax With Your Family

This can be a destination that isn’t the common one for backpackers. Yet, in the past few years it is enjoying increasing success as it’s a delightful spot to live in, and the city offers many things to see and do.


 The Greatest ever Television Tower


The daytime is clear doing think twice before seeing with the television tower. The construction is much like the Alexanderplatz Spargel in Berlin and it’s an elevator that reaches 170 meters high in just a couple of minutes. If there isn’t any mist you will appreciate a 360-degree panoramic view of the Estonian capital that’ll demonstrate just how this city that is green is! The viewpoint also can allow you to see all the way. For the small ones, there are parts of town to see in an interactive game, while the courageous can test their abilities by walking on the outer edge of the construction.


The most famous PIRITA Beach


Likely you may not instantly consider the sea if you think of Tallinn you, but this lovely city even offers a coastal region reachable by bus within a couple of minutes in the heart. Don’t miss the Pirita beach with tallinnan risteily in summer it’s frequented by locals eager for a dip so be cautious, though, not everyone can immerse themselves in the Baltic Sea. Even in summer the water is chilly, in winter, the beach provides a spectacular setting for a stroll with the sea ice on one hand and the skyline of Tallinn on the other: unmatched tranquility


The most famous KGB MUSEUM


If you have viewed the movie The Life of Others and enjoyed it, don’t miss this small but fascinating museum. On the 23rd floor of the Hotel Viru, a little exhibit continues to be set up that takes visitors back to Soviet times and shows some fascinating history about the KGB and the manner “high degrees” frowned on the Baltic Republics and dreaded their push towards freedom. Take advantages of the guided tours (in English) that enrich a visit that has many fascinating anecdotes.


Delicious Cuisine


If you value good wholesome food that tastes like old rural customs here you will discover delectable bread dark rye bread of course, whilst salted herring, salmon and pork are key players in the typical dishes here. Don’t miss the superb soups and Rossolye salad made with beets and pickled herring.


Clearly there are many more than 5 things to do in Tallinn: There’s an excellent old town of medieval origin, well preserved city walls, wealthy Orthodox churches, and many museums and parks where it is possible to take a minute to relax.

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