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The Spanish set up their headquarters at a Tewa pueblo they Ecuador Map call San Juan, forcing the Indians to provide them with housing, labor, food, and Ecuador Map clothing. The Spanish and Pueblo people remain crowded together in the area until about 1608, when Oñate starts to move the capital to Santa Fe. Oñate also seeks a route to the Pacific Ocean and manages to reach the Gulf of California in 1604 or 1605. The Pueblos of Acoma attack the Spanish, killing eleven colonists, including Oñate’s nephew. In retaliation, Oñate’s forces attack Acoma, killing 500 men and 300 women and children. He also takes about 80 men and 500 women and children captive; their punishments range from terms of servitude to maiming.

1607 Settlers at Jamestown establish the first permanent English colony in North Country. Relations with the Powhatan people are peaceful at first, as the English pose no immediate threat to the natives. Poor preparation and a poor location (in a swamp) cause much grief to the English, as more than half of the original settlers die. 1608–1627 Samuel de Champlain, continuing his earlier efforts, founds the colony of New France when he secures the alliances of a number of native peoples and builds a fortified trading post at Quebec in 1608. In 1609, the French and their allies battle the Iroquois. By 1627, only eighty-five men will live at Quebec. French interest in New France remains low, although a handful of Jesuits and fur traders make inroads in the Northeast and Great Lakes regions.

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