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Suggest a much older Tudor Petworth. It still has a Egypt Metro Map number of elements of an ancient feudal settlement with its old centre and great house separated by a Egypt Metro Map wall. Petworth was once an important market town with a long history: the market square is believed to originate in the thirteenth century, and its street fair began as long ago as 1189. Between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries the town was noted for its cloth weaving, and many of the fine houses that remain today once belonged to merchants.

Although inevitably many of the old family businesses have gone, there are still plenty of traditional small shops and there is a reassuringly timeless feel about it, with an atmosphere that is more suggestive of a bygone age than the twenty-first century. Inexorably linked with the Percy, Egremont and Leconfield families (Lord Egremont occupies Petworth House, the central building in the market square is called the Leconfield Hall and many of the houses have been part of the Leconfield estate) it was once an important town with Quarter Sessions and a prison, and boasted its own railway station.

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