From The Marble Caves to Puyuhuapi Hitchhiking the Carretera Austral in Chile

The Carretera Austral in rural Patagonia known as one of the most scenic roads for adventure seekers in South America. After crossing the border and hitchhiking to Pt. Rio Tranquilo in the last post I will explore the marble caves in this post and I will hitchhike to Puyuhuapi! Another good reason to hitchhike the Carretra Austral is that you’ll meet amazing people like Pato He was last ride yesterday and I’m very lucky because he has this boats with his family and they operate excursions to the marble caves This is one of the most do’s when you’re here! And I guess we we go fishing or something looks like that okay so he said we will go to the caves and we will visit the chapel with the kayaks which are over there. If we are lucky we will get some fish so but only if we’re lucky and if not we won’t have dinner! okay we have a fallback option! The lake General Carrera is also the largest lake in Chile the marble caves are located right in the center of the lake and have been formed by waves over the last years. Therefore you’re able to see caverns, columns and tunnels formed into monoliths of marble.

From The Marble Caves to Puyuhuapi Hitchhiking the Carretera Austral in Chile Photo Gallery

“We are now in the middle on the marble caves” The day here ends with a nice Asado cheers! On the next day I continued hitchhiking to get to Coyhaique around kilometers from Puerto Rio Tranquilo. A small family took me twenty-kilometer to the next village This how the Carretera Austral looks like unti Villa Cerro Castillo. so it’s a gravel road all the time! And then my next lift arrived. Nedel and Delfin have been so lovely as they treated me with food and stopped in between to take some pictures at Villa Cerro Castillo. At around Delfin bought some Beers for us. when they dropped me only a few kilometers away from Coyhaique I had about three cans of beer and have been slightly drunk So it took me almost two hours to get my next lift to get to Coyhaique. where I spent a night in a cheap hospedaje.

The next stretch to Puyuhuapi is about to kilometers and if it’s like yesterday it will be quite easy to get there by thumb! even though the road is paved at this stretch of the Carretera Austral it took me quite a long time to get a lift from Coyhaique. Manihuales is where Eduardo dropped me I covered with that about kilometres and there are still to go My last ride took me to the middle of nowhere because they’re going to some of the mines there are a lot of mines here around where the people work. with this ride I made about kilometers more to Puyuhuapi and I’m in the middle of nowhere but again with nice landscape all around so I will use the chance to have lunch and then we’ll see who wants to pick me up and bring me closer. so here i am. after Ivan took me all the way from if from the middle of nowhere about kilometres. this place in reminds me a bit of Germany because of the houses here and the street names. look at that! A little German Village and I guess this will be my home for one or two nights because I want to relax a bit stay tuned for the next post where I will hitchhike to Futaleufu where I meet Chris who owns a rafting company and invites me on a two-day rafting expedition on the Futaleufu river. Make sure to comment and and check out the other posts! Cheers!

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