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For decades the countries of Eastern Europe were a mystery cloistered behind the iron curtain these fascinating nations have come a long way since the fall of the Berlin Wall on this comprehensive journey you can see not only the unique character, and two thousand-year-old traditions that were hidden for. So long on this vacation. You’ll truly immerse yourself in local culture as you explore this region in depth.

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You’ll see a side of the people, and a way of life that you might not see with other travel companies and You’ll learn the personal history of your destination through encounters with local people you can improve your value, and make the most of your airfare with optional trip extensions spend extra time in the capital of the reunified Germany Berlin, and explore one of the great cultural centres of Western Europe Vienna Austria from your hometown. You’ll set out on a journey of discovery.

You’ll fly to Berlin where. You’ll meet your program director, and begin your journey with an exploration of this historic city. You’ll next visit Poland with ample time to enjoy the country’s modern, and historic capitals of Warsaw, and Krakow then travel on to Prague the capital of the Czech Republic next add another step to your passport as you continue on to Hungary for your final destination Budapest the queen of the Danube, and pay a moving visit to the former Nazi prison camp at Auschwitz where millions of Jews Gypsies, and others perished during World War two this Eastern Europe thing has been on our bucket list for a long time and So far, it’s been just the thing for us we really like it your accommodations have been carefully chosen to offer convenient access to historic landmarks as well as restaurants, and shops in each hotel enjoy a full complement of modern amenities a restaurant, and bar for socializing, and an inviting room with private baths you can experience even more with optional tours for example at the village cos salt mines in Poland.

You’ll find one of Europe’s great wonders nine levels of breathtaking chambers galleries, and salt lakes, and join us on a full-day excursion to zakopane a village at the base of the Tatra mountains rich with traditional polish folk culture, and cuisine which. You’ll enjoy during an included dinner, and keep the discoveries going by adding optional extensions to your trip start your vacation early with extra time in Berlin exploring the remnants of the Cold War as well as the city’s modern cultural gems begin by exploring the city with your included hop on hop off bus pass then. You’ll have ample time to see for yourself al Berlin has adapted to reification in the past few decades, and contrast your impressions of Eastern Europe with a trip to one of the jewels of the West Vienna Austria an included city tour will introduce you to the highlights of the city of Mozart Beethoven Strauss the enchanting ambience, and charming centuries-old traditions of the old world fascinating cities ancient castles, and an enduring post-world War two legacy it all awaits you when you join Grand Circle to experience the best of Eastern Europe you.

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