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The ligurian sea washes the north western coastline of Italy from its border with the French Riviera all the way down the rugged coastline of Tuscany sailing these warm waters into ancient Roman ports of call was really hard to find something that you like more, it’s every day’s an adventure, it’s fantastic you start from Florence amazing cities.

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So you explore emilia romagna or Tuscany County area rich history coming from the Etruscan times elba island was conquered by the Romans in BC attracted by the rich iron ore deposits that filled the mountainous terrain when the empire crumbled the island fell victim to pirates who sacked, and pillaged here for the next three centuries today ships that dock in these harbors bring a friendlier crowd.

I think the home visits are outstanding could you get to know the local people these small ships can get into harbors where most of the larger ships can deep in the Tuscan hillside lies the undisputed marble capital of the world Carrera.

This is the stone that built Italy after the cave we’re gonna mine some Carrara marble, and ship it home yes we’re in the marble caves kirari Italy or deep inside the mountain four or five hundred meters from the top of the mountain, and about it kilala two mile into the mountain marble in these mountains has been quarried for nearly, years used in the construction of rooms pantheon in Michelangelo’s sculpture David the engineering that. How precise they are in keeping these pieces in between the whole the whole mountain, and How they main very impressive traversing the ligurian sea by small ship wandering the alley ways of tuscany what sites, and cents will you discover on the French, and Italian Riviera you.

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