La Famiglia Us Map & Phone & Address

19 Bennington St, East Boston; (617) 567-1060

112 Salem St, Boston; (617) 367-6711

1032 Beacon St, Brookline; (617) 232-5253

See the listing under North End. ?

Riley's Roast Beef.

259 Bennington St. East Boston; (617) 567-9282

140 Brighton Ave. Allston; (617) 254-9592

See the listing under Allston.

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? and all lunch entrees come in under $7. Now, this is a catch! The Water View is open seven days for lunch and dinner.

We managed to bale the water out by using our hoods before beginning the long paddle back towards shore. By this time, unfortunately the tide was running hard, causing a bigger swell, while the wind was blowing us towards the huge mass of white water crashing over the Megstone. With some strenuous paddling using our fins we managed to pass the danger and carried on for another hour until we were caught in the tide going north. Relief came an hour later when we managed to attract the attention of an angling boat passing by half a mile inshore of us and they were kind enough to tow us back to Seahouses. We had no sooner arrived at the harbour when the coastguard arrived to ask a lot of questions, as he had seen us being towed back while off Bamburgh. On the way back, Trevor explained to me what had happened. Everything had been OK, he said, and he had settled down to rest, when after about 25 minutes he heard an almighty roar in front of the boat. He leapt up to see what it was, and was horrified to find a massive wall of foaming white water, 5 or 6 metres high and over half a mile long, approaching him rapidly. Having no time to start the engine, he just dropped below the windscreen while hanging tightly onto the side handles of the RHIB. The huge wave crashed over the top of him, smashing the windscreen, ripping the bow dodger and tearing the echo sounder and compass off their fittings in the process.

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