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Madrid Flamenco Show at Cafe de Chinitas

Madrid is famous for flamenco and tonight I’m lucky enough to be able to see it front row. We’re reading the musicians and dancers play together, dance together. Their feet are moving so fast, they’re clapping. It’s really cool to read it here. We’re in this really intimate setting. The room is beautiful, it’s colored and all of it’s like sort of tiles. We’re eating dinner while we read flamenco, and there are no bad seats in this place. You have a front row seat pretty much everywhere you are. When you’re here you feel like you’re at a big party, and it’s like this interaction between the singers on stage and the people in the audience. You feel like you’re with a group of friends. The show just ended and it was absolutely amazing. I’ve never seen anything like that, it was a really live, fun atmosphere, and I felt like it was a private show, just for me.

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Madrid Segway Tour.

Map Of Madrid Neighborhoods

Oh, my friends, today is gonna be a good day. I’m gonna tour Madrid on a segway. Let’s have some fun. Before we take to the streets on these things, we gotta actually learn how to use them. So we’re gonna go through a little training. And then, for the fun. Not only is this square a great place to ride a segway, but is also the home to the Royal Palace. And this is the largest Royal Palace in all of Europe. Ah, the Spanish Royal Family doesn’t live there anymore, they are 3,000 rooms in there. It would be a little expensive for the cleaning bill. But, this used to be where the Royal Family lived. I just learned, that this beautiful temple behind me, was a gift from the Egyptian government. And it’s about 2,000 years old. So it’s the oldest monument here in Madrid, and it is absolutely stunning. This is such a fun way to see the city. I feel like I’m actually floating above the ground. And we’re going to all the major monuments. Now we’re going through a park. This, this is my favorite part on the tour so far. This, is an incredible view of all of Madrid. You can see all of the temples off in the distance. The cathedrals, this is nice. And you know, this is a really big city, but it feels so accessible when you’re on a segway. This is a brand new bridge made by a French architect, and it looks like this giant piece of tin foil, all wrapped around. And it kind of glitters in the sun. What an incredible day, Madrid by segway is the way to go.

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Madrid Tapas Night Walking Tour

Spain is famous for tapas, so tonight I’m going on a tapas walking tour. We’re gonna wander all around Madrid into some bars and have some tapas tonight. This is not just a food tour, he’s telling us all kinds of good information about Madrid, about the history, about the cities. I’m getting a really good feel for it. In Spain, at a good bar you throw everything on the ground. All your trash goes. And that’s how you know it’s a good bar. One little tip: when you order drinks here, it comes with your free tapas, so don’t order food to get your drinks. They say that pig is king in Spain, so I’m gonna have to try some of this. And it is really good. I love being able to walk between the bars because you get to digest your food a little bit before the next one.

Map Of Madrid Metro

We come across Kilometer Zero, which marks the center of Spain. So here it is, and they say if you put your foot on it, it means you’re coming back to Madrid. We’re in this little place near Porto del Sol, and there is ham everywhere. Everywhere you look, there’s ham. It’s wrapped in different colors, and each color represents different kind of ham. I’m next to these really unique bars, and they’re probably bars that I never would have found on my own, but they have a really nice, communal feel. And you see people of all ages enjoying their meals together.

Map Of Madrid Attractions

This is called blood sausage, and I’m not sure what’s in it, James? You don’t want to know. Most of the time tonight, I have no idea what I’m eating, and James won’t tell me until afterwards. So, if you go on this tour, you definitely have to have an adventurous appetite. But it all tastes really good. On our way to our last stop, but in between, we stop at the square to look at all the buildings that are lit up at night, and it’s absolutely beautiful. This has been an amazing night. My belly is full, and I could not be happier.

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