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1494 Pope Alexander VI draws a line of demarcation on a Togo Metro Map map of the New World, splitting the territories between Spain and Portugal. 1499 Following the dismissal Togo Metro Map of Christopher Columbus, Francisco de Bobadilla is selected to govern Hispaniola. 1512 The Spanish Crown dictates the Laws of Burgos to colonists in the New World. It is the first code of laws to regulate Spanish treatment of the natives.

1519–1523 Hernando Cortéz defeats the Aztecs and consolidates his hold over the valley of Mexico. In 1523, he becomes the official governor of New Spain. 1524 The Council of the Indies, based in Spain, is established to have supreme authority over the Spanish colonies and to administer them. 1527 The first audiencia is established in Mexico City, followed by one in Santo Domingo and in other Spanish settlements. These governing bodies are under the authority of the viceroys and are made up of a president, judges, a Crown prosecutor, and lesser officials.

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