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201 Redcross St. 910/399-7614, HOURS: Daily 10 A.M.-5 P.M.

Renowned glass artists John Burchetta and Elizabeth Miele have an open studio where it’s possible to watch their hand-blown glass pieces being made. Each piece of glass is handmade in the studio using a series of blowing, twirling, and pulling motions. The open studio also functions as a gallery for their work. The pieces on display range from paperweights and glasses to vases and sculptures in all colors of the rainbow. It’s possible to order custom glass pieces here, too. Burchetta gives demonstrations on weekends, though it’s often possible to find him working in the studio at other times and he’s always willing to describe the process.

The Cotton Exchange is a former cotton mill that has been restored and turned into a historic shopping district in downtown Wilmington.

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Turn left onto what is a wide track, follow it Plano Map southwards, then in a few hundred yards turn right onto a track that goes north-westwards Plano Map to meet the Sompting-Steyning minor road at Titch Hill Farm. Turn left onto the road. You now have a road walk for the best part of a mile, climbing initially then descending towards the busy and noisy A27 to arrive at St Mary’s Church, Sompting, the fifth church of your walk. St Mary’s boasts England’s finest Saxon steeple, built early in the eleventh century; the foundations can be traced back to 960! Each side of the tower ends in a steep gable, and the roof is made up of four diamond-shaped surfaces meeting in a point. It is known as Rhenish helm, and although it is common in the Rhineland in Germany, it is unique in England. The carvings on the arches of the tower interior, believed to date back as early as the steeple, are among the earliest examples of English architectural carving.

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